451: This page is unavailable in Russia due to censorship
          by Russian Federal Surveillance Service

The total Internet censorship, implemented in Russia since November 2012, is a controversial issue, universally condemned by the international community and by the Russian human right defenders and mass-media. If you see this page instead of the page you requested, this means that you are another victim of the Chinese-style Great Internet Firewall.

There are many reasons why this law, signed by allegedly illegitimate Russian Duma in July of 2012, is so unpopular. The main reason is that Russian constitution explicitly prohibits the censorship. Another reason is a lack of accountability on the side of Russian Federal Surveillance Service which is entrusted with implementation of this anti-constitutional law. The third reason is obvious arbitrariness of the closure: some sites can get away with anything, while the others (such as ours) will be closed regardless of our compliance with the illegal directives of Putin's corrupt government. It turns out that Federal Surveillance Service is selectively closing certain sites for "prohibited" information, which remains freely available from many other places in the Internet. Finally, there is no access to the list of sites censored by Federal Surveillance Service, and nobody (including the site's owners) is told when and why some pages and the whole servers are added to the blacklist.

Critics of the Internet censorship point out that this new draconian law is a part of the same package: prohibition of meetings and demonstrations in many regions of Russia; extension of penalties for the so-called "political extremism"; new laws against blasphemy and "gay propaganda", which amounts to any public expression of support of LGBT movement. Indeed, Russia becomes a police state very rapidly.

A few sites observing the enclosure of Russian Internet by this new Great Russian Firewall.

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