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Возможно, не поддерживается XML-RPC
Добрый день,

У Dreamwidth есть возможность настроить трансляцию записей (кросспост) в т.ч. в LJR. Сегодня попытка настройки не прошла, от тех.поддержки DW получил вот это:

We've looked into the issue, and it seems that lj.rossia.org is no longer running a working version of the XML-RPC protocol. This means that all clients will be unable to post to the site, not just our crossposter. You may want to let them know about the problem so they can fix it.

If the site is still unavailable in a few days, we'll remove it (temporarily or permanently) as a crossposting option, so other people don't try crossposts that are going to fail.
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