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Пользователь:glebo (20896) glebo
Glebo Malica hatas vin!!
Местоположение:Kaunas, Lithuania
Дата рождения:1972-11-01
Номер ICQ:ICQ status 258785742 (User Profile)

The 1st esperantocore band in the world was born at january of the 1993 in Tsiurupynsk (South Ukraine) by GLEB (screams & ideology) and MALTHUS (guitars). TARASEVICH (lead guitar) came a next month. The band's 1st gig was played in the Green Theatre (Kherson) at july of the same year with MISHA (bass) and KELA (drums). The 1st punk/HC demo "Subita Merdo" was recorded live at 20/10/1993 in DCT studio, Kherson (sound by VALENTIN MANIAKIN) thanx to the new rhythm-section: DIMA (bass) and LEX (drums). Next year PICHISMO played very succesfully two gigs in Kherson and participiated a festival "Teen Wave '94" in Eupatoria (Crimea). But an infection of star disease splited up the "classic staff" at summer of the 1995.

July 1995. Rest of da band (GLEB & MALTHUS) translocated to neighborough town Gola Pristan', where were recorded 4 improvized hempcore/green metal demos in 4 autonomous planned languages as a project with local lo-fi band HURRY-SCURRY (BROOMKCATAKCAMAKAHC - voice, guitars, moog, and GRANBUSLEVAR - drums) and KUBLAI KHAN from Tsiurupinsk on bass: "Tamusig Ülcinik" (in volapük), "Instrukcio !" (in esperanto), "Al Barikadi!" (in ido & intal) and "Volapüka'üm" (in volapük). GENA (drums) started as a third constant member of PICHISMO, but bass played only provisional musicians: RUSLAN, SNOP & LOOR'R. The band co-organized and participated the following gigs & actions in Gola Pristan': "Concert of loud music in an incomprehensible languages", "Concert of noisy music", "10th anniversary of Chernobyl" & "Chaos days '96". Also made noise in Nikolayev and Kiev. After leaving of MALTHUS in august 1996, GLEB & GENA compiled live trax and hempen overdosed shit as a second official album "Buhhtismo" (february of the 1997). Plus recorded very short 2-song noisecore demo "Chichismo" in esperanto (may of the 1998).

The third period started at spring of the 1997 in Vilnius (Lithuania), thanx to the punk/HC band INVAZIJA, with who was recorded the 3rd 3-song crust demo in esperanto "P.P.P." (8-9/06/1997). Next year a band created "Esperantocore" at 20/07/1998 (both albums were recorded & mixed in Porno-Sound studio, Vilnius). This staff participiated a festival "Fete de la Musique" in Vilnius (20/06/1997) and a punx picnic "Totalny Rozpierdol Systemu" in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland (23/07/1998). So, a lithuanian pichists are: UGNIUKAS - guitars, DARELIS - bass & RADJAH - drums.

The 4th period began at august of the 2000 in St.Petersburg (Russia), as a collaboration with famous harsh noise terrorist band TALONOV NET: PHILIPP, FREDRIKSON, PLATONOV, ANNA & TUULI. Were recorded the demos "toH, tlhIngan Hol DajatlhIaH 'e' DaneH'a'?" in klingon and "Pened Balid Yohanesa" in volapük. Moreover the new lodge made a noize in the Vasileostrovski Youth Center (12/08/2000) and the artgallery "Borey" (2/09/2000).

The 5th staff consisted in members of punk/HC band 451°F (ex-HATE TO STATE) from Minsk (Belarus): YANA (voice), MAX (guitar), IGOR' (bass) & PASHA (drums), who recorded the demo "Treko Stelala" in esperanto, ido & klingon (12/04/2001) and played the gig in "4 Apelsina"-club (20/04/2001).

The 6th project was realized with crustcore band HUGO from Kuldiga (Latvia), who played 1 esperanto-song in the gig in Saldus (unfortunately unrecorded). HUGO's screamer ZVEJNIEKS was used as a drummer for the ufocore demo "Ni(m)FOmanio" in alien's languages as kardasi, q~'u^pl! & lrahran (20/06/2001, mixed & mastered 4/07/2001 in KRIO DE MORTO's home studio, Poznan (Poland)).

2002 year. GLEB returned to St.Petersburg, where recorded 2 noisy albums with ex-members of TALONOV NET (now they're called as TEA MAN WITH TEA GUM): "Bored Of The Conlangs" (8 vomitcore trax in auld elvish by GLEB & FREDRIKSON, 22-23/07/2002) and "Babelo" (the history about Babel Tower from the Holy Bible's Genesis in 33 constructed languages: arkian (4/08/2002), blaaninain (8/06/2002), breathanach (4/07/2002), brithenig (9/07/2002), deviasew (29/06/2002), e-prime (4/05/2002), eklektu (7/06/2002), elet anta (9/07/2002), esperanto (29/07/2002), gothic (1/06/2002), hani (9/05/2002), idrani (7/06/2002), interlingua [IALA] (8/06/2002), jiVoqu (9/07/2002), kankonian (7/06/2002), kiffish (27/07/2002), klingon (5/08/2002), lakal/saradic (9/07/2002), latino moderne (12-31/05/2002), leksventin (29/06/2002), lojban (1/06/2002), nadsat (5/08/2002), nuirn (9/07/2002), occidental (7/06/2002), old kandar (7/06/2002), quenya (1/06/2002), q~'u^pl! (20/06/2001), sotonok (7/06/2002), surfarian (29/06/2002), târuven (9-10/05/2002), teonaht (9/07/2002), vabungula (5/05/2002), zegzolt (5/08/2002); mainly by GLEB & FREDRIKSON, plus also PHILIPP's noises in some tracks, except q~'u^pl! [see "Ni(m)FOmanio"]).

The next album "Idiotroniko" contains 10 tracks in esperanto, volapük, otg, ro, klingon, ido and a language of the Kin-dza-dza-Galaxy, created between 2002-2006 years (mastered 27/12/2006) mainly in Kaunas (Lithuania), with collaboration of the phone monsters PHIL & FREDRIKSON of MONOPOLKA (the new incarnation of TALONOV NET) from St.Petersburg (Russia), MITRICH & "The Lowrey Symphonizer GAK-25H" from Ratomka (Belarus), saxophone of GRAZVIDAS from Kaunas, shitcore stars DARIUKAS & ZVENGAS from Jonava (Lithuania) and the members of the porn/gore grind band DISFORIJA from the same town (ARMA - voice, synthesizer "Elektronika", IGGY - bass, SLAVKA - drums), which help realized the weird concert at the 90th Universal Congress of Esperanto in Vilnius (28/07/2005).



  • Subita Merdo (Darbouka Records, FRANCE). 7" EP, green vinyl, limited edition: 500 copies. 1998


  • Pened Balid Yohanesa & Eksplodo (One Touch Recordings, RUSSIA). CDR with "Animal Crackers In My Soup"-zine 2(6) (in russian), limited edition: about 30 copies. 2000
  • Eksplodo (One Touch Rex Monopolka, RUSSIA). CDR. 2001
  • Pened Balid Yohanesa (One Touch Rex Monopolka, RUSSIA). 3" CDR. 2002

  • toH, tlhIngan Hol DajatlhIaH 'e' DaneH'a'? (One Touch Rex Monopolka, RUSSIA). 3" CDR. 2002

  • 356-0-356 (Monopolka, RUSSIA). CDR. 2005
  • PICHISMO/B.I.C.S. (Triangle Records, RUSSIA). CDR, 50 copies. 2007


  • Subita Merdo (Pterodactyl Records, UKRAINE). Only 110 copies + many bootlegs worldwide. 1995
  • PICHISMO vs. UNHOLY GRAVE (Dreaming About Cannibalism Productions, UKRAINE). Limited edition: 1000 copies. Full colour cover. 2000
  • Subita Merdo/ Buhhtismo/ P.P.P. (Szarapow Sound System, RUSSIA/ No Manipulation, BELARUS). 600 copies. 2003


  • The Best Of Russian Punk. Volume 1 (Pterodactyl Records, UKRAINE). 4-tape box-set, only 10 copies. 1994

  • Open Mind Terôr (Gürtel Tier Tapes, SVITZERLAND). Tape with booklet. 1994
  • Bullshit Detector 4 (Örmaal Records & Resistance Production, SVITZERLAND; Loony Tunes, UK; Mass Media Records, USA). 2LP. 1994
  • Delirium Tremens 28 (Delirium Tremens, SWEDEN). Tape. 1994
  • Sretna Mladost (Ill in the Head Tapes, CROATIA). Tape. 1994
  • Peacedies Deathsucks 3 (Ö Production, LATVIA). Tape. 1995
  • Vinilkosmo Kompil'. Volumo 2 (Vinilkosmo, FRANCE). CD/tape with booklet. 1996
  • Samtrest (Ö Production, LATVIA). Tape. 1997
  • Selbstverstümmbelung. Volume 1 (Imbecil Entertainment, UKRAINE). Tape, 178 copies. 1998
  • Trattratratarat. Volume 2 (De La Muitnieks Tapes, LATVIA). Tape with booklet. 1998
  • Kruncina Piedurkne 2 (E.Po Tapes, LATVIA). Tape with booklet. 1999
  • Esperanto Subgrunde (La Blua Papilio, BRAZIL/ Vinilkosmo, FRANCE). CD with booklet. 2000

  • Chaos Core 2 (Chaos Core City Re-Core, FRANCE). CD with booklet. 2000
  • Partizani Betonnikh Dzhungley (Night of the Long Glasses Tapes, RUSSIA). Tape. 2001
  • Da, My Protjorli Svezhij Chesnok (Szarapow Sound System, RUSSIA). Tape with booklet, 100 copies. 2002
  • Saint Viit's Dances. Vol. 1 (Trumheim, BELARUS). Tape with booklet, 30 copies. 2002
  • Começo (Dhyana Records, GERMANY). CDR. 2002
  • Secondhandhaircut (Dhyana Records, GERMANY). CDR. 2003
  • dhy050 (Dhyana Records, GERMANY). LP & CDR, 300 copies/ CD, 300 copies. 2003

  • Dyhaitse Volna (BELARUS). CDR. 2004
  • Extreme Music From Russia (Susan Lawly, UK). CD. 2004
  • Il Programma Di Religione (Boyarm/ Slight Record, USA). CD, 500 copies. 2005

  • 0 To 60 In 59 Bands.. (No!No Records, USA). CD. 2007
  • Ten Seconds Compilation II (Keep It Frozen Recording, POLAND). CDR, 20 copies. 2007

    Net Releases:

  • Noisecore MiX ( Fecal Nazi Shapeshifter Records, UK). 2007
  • Afro-Norwegian Style Shitcore Megamix (Fecal Nazi Shapeshifter Records, UK). 2007
  • Chaoz Records Net
    (Chaoz Records, NETHERLANDS). 2007
  • Laughing In The Face Of Mainstream -- A Dadaist Audio Compilation (Dadaist Audio, NETHERLANDS). 2007

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