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Пишет AB/7A ([info]ab7a)
@ 2018-05-12 11:54:00

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Андре Жид, "Возвращение из СССР".

В 1936 году Андре Жид посетил СССР, разочаровался во всём и написал
памфлет с критикой Сталина, после чего его имя попало под запрет до
самой перестройки.

Местами выглядит довольно жалко, например как он с восхищением
вспоминает про визит к писателю-соцреалисту Островскому
(который "написал" "Как закалялась сталь").

Для сравнения, дневник его попутчика (протеже и поди любовника):

Пьер Эрбар, "В СССР".
(см. http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Herbart)

Их соотечественник де Кюстин конечно больше и лучше писал.

(Фото: Андре Жид и пионеры)

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2018-05-12 23:55 (ссылка)
Таков любой ЖИД


2018-05-13 08:37 (ссылка)
In his journal, Gide distinguishes between adult-attracted "sodomites" and boy-loving "pederasts", categorizing himself as the latter.

I call a pederast the man who, as the word indicates, falls in love with young boys. I call a sodomite ("The word is sodomite, sir," said Verlaine to the judge who asked him if it were true that he was a sodomist) the man whose desire is addressed to mature men. […]

The pederasts, of whom I am one (why cannot I say this quite simply, without your immediately claiming to see a brag in my confession?), are much rarer, and the sodomites much more numerous, than I first thought. […] That such loves can spring up, that such relationships can be formed, it is not enough for me to say that this is natural; I maintain that it is good; each of the two finds exaltation, protection, a challenge in them; and I wonder whether it is for the youth or the elder man that they are more profitable.[29]

In the company of Oscar Wilde, he had several sexual encounters with young boys abroad.

Wilde took a key out of his pocket and showed me into a tiny apartment of two rooms… The youths followed him, each of them wrapped in a burnous that hid his face. Then the guide left us and Wilde sent me into the further room with little Mohammed and shut himself up in the other with the [other boy]. Every time since then that I have sought after pleasure, it is the memory of that night I have pursued. […] My joy was unbounded, and I cannot imagine it greater, even if love had been added.

How should there have been any question of love? How should I have allowed desire to dispose of my heart? No scruple clouded my pleasure and no remorse followed it. But what name then am I to give the rapture I felt as I clasped in my naked arms that perfect little body, so wild, so ardent, so sombrely lascivious? For a long time after Mohammed had left me, I remained in a state of passionate jubilation, and though I had already achieved pleasure five times with him, I renewed my ecstasy again and again, and when I got back to my room in the hotel, I prolonged its echoes until morning.[30]

Gide's novel Corydon, which he considered his most important work, erects a defense of pederasty.

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Re: лол
2018-05-13 18:53 (ссылка)
Обнаружен ЖЖ Артемия Лебедева!

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