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Saturday, March 30th, 2019

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    Читаю "PiHKAL" и "TiHKAL" Шульгина и его супруги.

    Восхитительные книжки, особенно умиляет, что у авторов на момент
    написания уже поди были внуки. Много всяких забавных эпизодов, вот
    например про паломничество в Лурд (с принятием МДМА со святой водой).

    "...when the local priests told Bernadette to ask 'The Lady' what her
    name was, she did as she was ordered, kneeling as always at the
    entrance of the cave. The Lady answered, 'My name is Aquero,' which is
    a word used in this region to mean something like 'That's the way it
    is,' or 'So be it,' which made no sense to Bernadette, but she
    obediently carried the message back to the village authorities, who
    passed it on to the Vatican. After that, the Catholic church
    pronounced officially that the being known as The Lady was, indeed,
    the Madonna, mother of Christ, and would be venerated as such from
    then on..."

    "And you're excited because the Lady didn't say she was the Madonna,
    is that it?"

    "Yeah! She never said anything of the sort! She said, 'My name is
    Aquero,' which is a wonderful, in-your-face, zen kind of name,
    calculated to bewilder everyone, especially the church people..."

    Оказывается, кто-то даже переводил это всё на русский, и, говорят,
    ФСКН запретил только вторую часть с пособием для химиков.

    ( тоже заблокирован в россии, хотя я думал, что
    англоязычный интернет они не трогают.)

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