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Nov. 13th, 2022|12:19 am

Lullaby for you

Signs pointing at the signs pointing at the signs,
The animals at the zoo are getting old,
Love was never enough, there's no hand to hold
Wading through marshy lands behind your conscience.

Some like it dry, and there's always quicksand,
You think you need help, wait till you take it all,
You don't know wet this side of the marshy land,
You don't know fall till you're a leaf to fall.

Don't cry, aren't you my girl,
It's just an illusion to end
So soon, what did you call it, a world?
But oh so soon, so dry, so quick, so sand.
Don't be shy,
Don't be sad,
It's just an illusion built on quicksand,
Yet another illusion to end.

We'd let you have your way with it,
Come now, haven't you lost your way,
Follow veins paved with red haemotite,
In those marshy lands we pave our ways with pain.

There's almost no time left in the sandglass,
The animals at the zoo are getting old,
Come now, take it all, come and do what you must,
Take your time girlie, yes, you may take it all.
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