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Ушел из жизни Ян Мердок, основатель Debian 
31st-Dec-2015 02:06 am
Ушел из жизни Ян Мердок, основатель Debian

Основатель Debian Ян Мёрдок совершил самоубийство

Не стало Иэна Мёрдока, основателя Debian
31st-Dec-2015 12:48 am
жаль конечно - принес большую пользу человечеству. хотя вроде бы дебиан он и не разрабатывал последнее время.
31st-Dec-2015 12:55 am
Очень печально.

Не довели ли его до самоубийства?
31st-Dec-2015 01:14 am
Может и довели - ебанешься же с такой жизнью.
31st-Dec-2015 08:37 am
Полицейская версия такая:

"According to the San Francisco police, officers were called to Steiner and Union St in the city at 11.30pm on Saturday, December 26, following reports of a man trying to break into a home – that man was identified as Ian Murdock. He reportedly fought with the cops, and was given a ticket for two counts of assault and one for obstruction of an officer. The techie had been drinking, according to the police logs. A medic arrived to treat an abrasion to Murdock's forehead, and he was released so he could be taken to hospital.

A few hours later, on Sunday, December 27 at 2.40am, police were called again to reports of Murdock banging on the door of a neighbor at the very same block. A medic arrived to treat him for any injuries at the scene. Next, the cops took Murdock to the county jail where he was held in a cell.

Murdock was bailed later that day, on Sunday, after a bond, said to be $25,000, was paid. He died the next day."

31st-Dec-2015 04:19 pm
Да, пока все это малопонятно.
31st-Dec-2015 02:04 am
Я что-то не до конца понял что там ему эта баба коп сделала, сняв с него нижнее белье.
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