Дмитрий Беломестнов
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25th-Apr-2016 02:08 am
Моего настоящего IP для Оперы-турбо оно мне не показывает.

PROXY CHECKER (Anonymity Analysis):

Your IP address and hostname: (z10-15.opera-mini.net)

Here are your headers that could reveal a proxy:
HTTP_VIA: anonymous / none
HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR: anonymous / none
HTTP_X_FORWARDED: anonymous / none
HTTP_FORWARDED: anonymous / none
HTTP_CLIENT_IP: anonymous / none
HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR_IP: anonymous / none
VIA: anonymous / none
X_FORWARDED_FOR: anonymous / none
FORWARDED_FOR: anonymous / none
X_FORWARDED: anonymous / none
FORWARDED: anonymous / none
CLIENT_IP: anonymous / none
FORWARDED_FOR_IP: anonymous / none
HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION: anonymous / none

Proxy detected? YES

Here's how we know:
Your HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header shows:

Again, please remember that this should not be considered a fullproof test of your anonymous surfing level, as it is only analyzing your browser headers. To surf via proxies with greater confidence, we highly suggest using a firewall and disabling all browser plugins and script support.
Thank you for using our proxy checker and anonymity test!
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Чей IP - не знаю.


В ЖЖ я авторизован через ту же Оперу-турбо.
И эта страница в ЖЖ:
показывает мой настоящий IP
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