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Aug. 6th, 2019 | 06:14 pm

Marxist slogan about proletariat that has nothing to lose in the upcoming revolution, has to be replaced.

Men have nothing to lose nowadays. Except their pride. Yet the men's pride is utterly false, because it is not associated with any virtue, privilege or political power. It is not gay pride, not feminist pride, it is not single mother pride. They have privileges and powers unattainable by you. You don't. Except perhaps most brutal sport competitions, you lost everything. Testicles and penis are but a liability, a burden to carry around. And it gets heavier day by day.

Men nowadays are worse than proletariat. They are peasants in medieval Japan. They could be whacked by their masters and laughed at. They could be accused of all sins and no one will believe they are innocent. Their properties could be taken with impunity and not vice versa. Their kids could be taken with the same ease.

You could be a complete asshole to a peasant. And he has to tolerate your assholiness. The law is clear about that. Men who fight back go to jail.

Yet there is a clear way out. Stop being proud man. There is nothing to be proud of anymore. There is plenty of nothing to be angry about.

By identifying as women, you're making an instant revolution.

Transgender movement is clear way out of servitude for most of modern men.

Beginning of a revolution: let all men unite and identify as women. And demand to have their balls waxed and their thighs massaged and their breasts tested for cancer. Demand gender affirming services. Bearded women are on high demand. No one can laugh at them anymore.

Suicidal men should simply switch to women status and feel an instant relief. They could go and lay on a beach and be among other women.

This is actually an upward struggle. Identifying as women is not easy. It takes rebellious passive-aggressive spirit that may take weeks to develop. But it is worth it. After an initial shock, it is an obvious way of the future.

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