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Sep. 13th, 2022 | 04:49 pm

Balalajkin talking to an American Jewish friend called Erik (but he is not a fish)

this conversation is without a start and stop, merely a continuous balalajking, and it is going on for ages, but occasionally I preserve some parts of this stream of friendly banter. Here we go.

— Me, Balalajkin

Unfortunately, Catholics and Protestants went along with an idea of Judeo-Christian culture. Total confusion without any segregation of value sets.

Elites mixed very intensively, not only in their values but in their genes as well. Now it is an era of new segregation along somewhat different lines.

Could I air some deep antisemitic philosophy with you? I mean, practical applications of social norms of Christianity vs Judaism, the secular norms that are diverging?

I may add, that this philosophy is as anti-Christian as antisemitic, but it is not an acceptable discourse nowadays anyway.

— Erik

Of course, I am a strong Jew, heaven sent to be the king of the Jews Words do not offend me, especially from a trusted friend

So go ahead

— me

Ok, here we go. Jewish religion from a start was having a total sum of social duties and rights for all members of the community, down to minute details about how to handle kitchen utensils, how frequently to have sex, and whom to marry, with the God observing everything. What was done properly according to the Laws, was having a righteous status while pleasing the Lord, what was done wrong was a risk for all the community as God may unleash His wrath on all Jews. Non-Jews were tolerable as far as they observe a much narrower set of laws, so that Jews may live inside their communities without having much risk and much interaction on their own with the immediate outsiders.


Christianity saw things quite differently.

First of all, Jesus Christ was not married, did not have kids, and was an offspring of a God himself and a virgin, which is nonsensical to a Jew. But not to a Roman or Greek. Rome was founded by legendary twin brothers Romulus and Remus, who were the children of a vestal virgin and the god Ares/ Mars.

Anyway, long story cut short, Christianity separated two worlds - the private world of a family life, which cannot exactly follow Jesus by emulating Him because family folks are married and obviously have children from non-virginal births with no God involved, so the secular world was a notch down from an ideal.

And the second world - of a public life which was controlled by the Church and the priests who were largely unmarried and copied the Christ life in that way, so they were closer to Heaven. Church also was a dispenser of public welfare.

This separation of secular, private "ordinary and sinful" life and public and sacred space of the Church-goers and Church-ministers was getting stronger and stronger over the centuries, up until Reformation

Publicly and outwardly Christians tried to be as sin-free as Jesus.

Privately and outside of Church's watchful eye they sinned as much as they pleased, expecting to be forgiven - a common practice of forgiving the sins with priests handling the ritual cleansing every Sunday made Christians extremely duplicitous

Our private lives may be as dirty as whore's underwear, but our public life has to be as clean as saint Peter robes.

Now Protestantism tried to end this somewhat unhealthy duality but failed, instead establishing a growing trend of hypocrisy, especially among the Elected or the Elite, whose public image was whitewashed, so that they may preach and whose not-so-public affairs were not to be talked about. And they reproduced copiously, unlike Catholic priests.

All this shit going on in the privacy of our homes was bust open in modernity - first in salacious literature, then more and more publicly, finally on Internet, much to the embarrassment of Christians and to the enjoyment of Jews —

who jumped on this trend and made heaps of money from it. Sure, we all fuck. But Jews fuck because their God made them do so and set the rules. Our Jesus did not make any reasonable rules, nor He has shown how to do it. Instead, he produced a philosophical lecture, Sermon on the Mount that has a quality of bitter reasoning about how people are meant to be as opposed to the people the way they are.

"a man lusting after another woman who is not his wife has committed adultery with her already in his heart" - what the hell, dear Jesus. This is not a workable rule.

We all look that way, but we are made that way by your Father. And how about womenfolk? Do they commit adultery by looking or their looks are totally innocent?

So naturally, when Christians started to think that way, having many questions but no firm answers to be found in Jesus' saying or in mythology around, they made either Jesus disappear from their life and turned to atheism or became quasi-Christian utopians, like Leo Tolstoy, dreaming of a perfect real-world built according to these abstract ideals within the scope of their own outlook. And most tellingly, these utopians, like Tolstoy and Gandhi either condemned sexual activities as such except for very regulated procreation, or they went in the opposite direction of radicalism and proposed free sex with zero obligations. In any case, they were not Jews to have any workable moral code to regulate their lives in a better way. So they were easily exploited by Jewish pornographers and so forth, as well as communists and other political swindlers — an odd mix of opportunists and utopians, who wanted the State to be the new Church of the righteous.

This is the rough outline

— Eric

You’ve explained something of this sort before actually

...So naturally, when Christians started to think that way, they made Jesus…

This part at least

Maybe more nominally and less meticulously

- me

Indeed, it is a tragedy to try and mix Christians with Jews. Much like it was a tragedy for Mahatma Gandhi to try and build a Hindu-Muslim civilization in the subcontinent. Bad things have followed from that utopian vision. Now, our Fordian era does not have that immediate disaster at the beginning, like the Hindu-Muslim massacres. But it has a quality of slow unraveling of social order.

— Erik

So you think Jews and Christians are better off living separately?

Original message:

... So naturally, when Christians started to think that way, they made Jesus…

Pornographers Hollywood All that shit

— me

They may exist in close yet separate communities with trade exchange, but mixing is not sustainable.

— Erik

You mean actual breeding?

— Me

I mean the social fabric in general, sure with the roots in breeding regulations; the importance of sex is difficult to overstate. We either breed too fast and become unsustainable without the pressure from the Church that bottles up the sex life within the families OR we stop breeding altogether and whore around in childless liaisons, behaving like mad teenagers. All while Jews breed with caution and care and arrange their relatively cohesive and prosperous communities, inciting antisemitism among all the leftovers from post-Christian social experiments.

Envy is a powerful force

— Erik

The thing is that this close proximity has also sort of harmed Jews as well

Many Jews become sort of “ Christianized “ and Westernized and do the same stupid shit

— Me

yep, it is double-edged, with many disadvantages for both sides. Yet the Jews have preserved their Orthodox ones as a kind of odd uncles and aunts, while post-Christian liberals keep attacking the Orthodox Catholic and Protestant core with vigor, trying to drag them all to modernity kicking and screaming. Not without help from the secular Jews, who turn their zeal for reformism to the other side, to the community that is not worthy to be preserved. Not to mention Russian Orthodoxy that was all but totally killed and its effigy made into a Stalin (or Putin) lapdog.

— Erik

The Jews are kind of like the cousins the Europeans just can’t get away from, so they decided to marry them, not just literally but culturally

— me

The marriage is extremely troubled and I am a bit skeptical about how long it may last in the near future.

On a personal level, we are mostly OK, but on a communal level, we are not very good

— Erik

Well, I think eventually once both cultures efface their original traditions

You’re sort of just left with a secular amalgamation of both

That’s how you get this “ progressive elite “


Lecturing the western liberals about Holocaust every time the Jew has done something awful does not help. It is much like a scandalous and unfaithful wife lecturing her husband about his last year's drinking binge.

...it won't end well


- Erik

Re: Lecturing the western liberals about Holocaust every time the Jew has do…

HAHAHAHAHAHA hilarious analogy

— Erik

Re: The marriage is extremely troubled and I am a bit skeptical about how lo…

I think in the next few decades Jews will simply largely assimilate into Western nations The ones who don’t will move outside the West to Asia, Israel, and South America

What about Mormons and Amish though? They are still quite strict

— me

Mormons and other non-mainstream-Christian sects are tolerated as soon as they remain a small, politically insignificant, and insular minority. The main targets for the progressives will remain Protestants (almost dissolved in a modernist tea) and Catholics (they are tough, but they are invaded from within, having Jesuits turning woke).

Jewish assimilation would go on, if not for the Russian revolution, which was followed by the Nazi reaction and so forth. In the current reality, full assimilation is not possible with the creation of Israel. The nation-state is the opposite of the idea of assimilation. There are some Russian Jews I know who see the establishment of Israel and the post-war wave of Jews going to their homeland as a declaration of failure of the most progressive idea of worldwide humanity with a single government. They see Jews as the "salt" of this worldwide humanity, the component that makes it palatable. Obviously, USSR was a failed social experiment to realize such a utopian vision, but the vision remains along with the visionaries.

— Erik

On a personal level, it benefits me I can’t say I don’t enjoy the advantage Especially intelligent attractive city women types, they LOVE Jews Our status is elevated to them, they think we are intelligent and special

Especially these Anglo Northwestern European types A lot of them have Jewish fetishes, from all the ones they see on TV and so forth

I recently had a case like this, she said, “ Oh my god, I LOVE Jews, I had no idea you were Jewish, this is even better now “

Re: ...Assimilation would go on, if not the Russian revolution, which was follo…

I meant more specifically in America

2022 to say 2050, I think many Jews will keep assimilating but the ones who won’t, will leave

I could be wrong but that’s my prediction

But on a personal level, especially for dating, it’s quite nice They don’t even ask about my business or job, or anything really They just assume I’m successful because I’m Jewish

But on a communal scope, yes, it’s hard to say what will happen

However I heard from my friend in Israel that women are FAR more traditional

I was surprised

Virgins Women marry by 19 - 22

Very different landscape Hot young virgins - nothing like America

Check this, I am told that some Sephardic and Persian women are even okay with multiple wives and it is even allowed by Jewish law LMFAO, which I had no idea, but of course with certain strict rules and regulations in this type of arrangement

You have to have them in separate houses and you need to see each one every day, and you must support every single one with a home, if you can’t do all these things then you can’t do it

So in that sense, Jews still have these “ careful and arranged “ setups, but it’s taking place in Israel

Only Tel Aviv is more Westernized, but I’ve seen photos of women from random small towns Persian Jews who look like supermodels, that never even kissed a man AND don’t even have social media

— me

Now, the Jews have many dimensions of Jewishness, - strong family traditions, embodied in cultural habits, in how the Jewish mother looks after her children's welfare, in language, in remembrance of Jews's common sufferings, but also in tribal and clannish arrangements of particular Jewish lineages.

The post-Christian world on other hand was bulldozed by the Reformation and Era of Enlightenment, then Fordian mass production and liberalism, then neoliberalism which tends to erase all distinctions between the whore and the wife, as much as the difference between a husband and a brothel visitor. We tend to treat each other with blatant disregard for our private history as well as for our lineage.

So all the rebellious youth may write the final "Decolonize" graffiti on the ruins.

it is but a final insult in a long history of unraveling civilization

— Erik

Well, there are some who believe Europeans should go back to pre-Christian societies like Rome and Greece

— me

And note - I don't blame Jews in this, but Jews played a role in this tragedy and it is high time to see the role for what it is, not making blanket "antisemitism" statements and remembering again about Holocaust, etc.

As for "going back" and other neo-Conservative mantras —

There is an old saying that minced meat cannot be restored to a cow

— Eric


— me

We cannot return to what is unmade, the Christian civilization is not there anymore, and hiding in the remaining monasteries is not an option for the masses of disenfranchised folks.

- Erik

So what’s the solution?


The solution will be, I reckon, at least temporarily in the dictatorship(s) of the expert class, - emerging strata distinct from Fordian managers.

With various degrees of success and failure, but not without another wave of wars and massacres

— this is what I call "Expert revolution" and I hope that at least in some countries it will be relatively peaceful

— Erik

Do you really see mass scale wars in 2022 between major countries?

Without nuclear weapons involved?


tough to tell

— Erik

Only time will tell

What about Jews and Asians?

They don’t seem to have nearly the same type of relationship when living together

I personally hate talking about the Holocaust

I want Jews to be strong, not act like victims

It was tragic but it was almost 80 years ago

I don’t want to focus on that or be a victim

That’s not who I am

The only victimhood I will claim is being a victim to the corrupt American system

But that’s it

— me

Yes, personal recipes are known and almost exactly the opposite of what mass media and managerial elite, in general, are signaling to the masses. Asians are doing well by protecting the core of their communities with an establishment of sacred borders, and some may call them "fascists" for doing so, but I call them realists.

— Eric

Check this, I am told that some Sephardic and Persian women are even oka…

— me

Yes, it is part of an ancient Persian culture, - if a husband is wealthy and powerful, multiple wives are OK, which means that some men are meant to remain unmarried for life and are either brothel patrons or eunuchs or warriors to conquer other tribes and fuck their subjugated women

Part of this culture was adopted by Greeks and survived in Sicily up until the modern time when mafia bosses were routinely having two wives - one official who carry their lineage forward, and another unofficial and essentially a young lover, but more than a lover, - concubine of a kind, who may have bastards and expect to be paid off and dumped when the boss gets bored with her, only to get another one from an endless harem of young unattached ladies--

— Erik

So how it was explained to me is, you can have a total of 4 wives under Jewish law - however, you can also have “ girlfriends “, but the girlfriends have to be Jewish as well. Then, you must visit all your wives at least one day a week, have homes for them AND you are obligated to have children with all of them The girlfriends must also be partially cared for but you’re not obligated to breed with them and they cannot supersede the official wives

So it is a very “ specific “ kind of arrangement with very particular rules that cannot be broken

— me

Well, it is a version of Harem culture, you describe, - you expect to convert all your "wives" and "girlfriends" to your proper faith.

— Erik

Yes, but according to my friends they can’t be converts They must be Jewish by law

Even the girlfriends

— me

The Ottoman empire allowed for slaves (including sexual slaves of varied ranks), but insisted on slave to be either converted OR to live in segregated quarters and not to mix. According to a modern Jewish historian (monography we discussed earlier), the conversion of a slave to the Jewish faith, then the slave (woman) can be used both for cooking and for sexual services within the household.

Earlier caliphates had similar laws.

Even earlier, among Persians, it used to be Zoroastrianism, then it was all Islam, but Islam also allowed segregated Jews to have the same rules under the Jewish communal law.

— Eric

Sephardic, Bukharan and Persian Jews are willing to do this if the man is high status enough, some Ashkenazi as well but it’s very rare for Ashkenazi

Yemeni Jews are also open to this


Zoroastrians still live by the most ancient law anyway, there are some in India and more around the globe, with very relaxed sex code, plenty of pederasty among them too; Indira Gandhi's husband Feroze was a whoremonger and Freddie Mercury fucked every human being he liked.

— Erik

LMFAO oh god


I reckon Ashkenazi are most influenced by Slavs and Germans, they were sort of intermediary between them

— Erik

It shocked me I didn’t know Jewish women were okay with this type of ring but apparently in Israel it is a reality for some

Type of thing*


Israel tries to be "modern" in a sense it has adopted a version of middle-European law set of the 20th century, sure

post-Christian mostly

— Erik

But again it’s tough to work, you need to juggle all of them and make sure the affairs are in order You basically can’t do it if you’re not rich


yeah, money makes the whole world of difference. The moneyed elite does not live by the common law and allows the political/managerial elite to play their games as well.

— Erik

I’d be okay with this, but it would be a little weird Apparently all the children of all the wives have to be friends with each other too

They can’t be raised separately All the kids must be close

— me

Tough, but manageable for rich and powerful, like H.G. Wells, who had wives, concubines, occasional lovers, one-night stands, casual fucks on a floor with a newspaper serving as a carpet protector,  and a number of bastards still totally uncounted.

— the influence is converted to money and vice versa, and they are converted to sex

— one may be as poor as Mahatma Gandhi and still be invited to a private resort with naked teenagers of all colours and gender spectrum

— Erik

But we’ll see I kind of want to have children with some non Jewish women too, which in this case is not allowed If you

You can’t have gentile women in the mix because it is seen as a sign of disrespect to the Jewish womenwant to have a Jewish harem, the condition is that it must be ONLY a Jewish harem

I don’t understand this concept

But apparently that’s the rule

It is seen as debasing the Jewish concubine and wives if you include gentile girlfriends, I’m a bit surprised they were this meticulous writing down all these rules Apparently another reason explained to me is that the Jewish man might get “ influenced “ by the gentile woman and start paying more attention to her than the other wives

How the hell did they think of all this shit 5,000 years ago?

I find rules like this very stupid but I suppose they exist for a reason

— me

Well, it is much like kitchen plates - they are ritually unclean if the cat has eaten from them, or goyim. Your dick loses its clean status when you put it into non-Jew vagina, its that simple, but not as simple as. Imagine that you as a Jew have contributed to the lineages of non-Jews - this also entitles non-Jews to the Jewish resources. As far as Jews will remain tribal (or national), this practice will be frowned upon.

Again, some separation between private lives and the public sphere remains, but only very rich folks can afford enough security to truly separate their private affairs from the public eye


Good point, on the other hand, sex with gentiles is actually not forbidden, the Jewish law only discourages actual breeding

They just discourage it because they are scared Jewish men will impregnate them but the actual practice of the sex is allowed

— me

I personally understand but disregard these tribal rules (as well as nationalist and sectarian ones). To me, they are of far lesser importance than my family laws; my lineage is up to me to protect with all my personal politicking and wisdom, and as soon as I achieve that, fuckitall. As for my sins, we'd have a private meeting with Jesus to sort it out afterward.

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