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Sep. 15th, 2022 | 05:10 pm
From:: balalajkin

The True Rings of Power

The nose rings were brought to India by Muslim Moghul invaders and adopted by Indian culture while becoming not a fashion statement as such, but an important symbol primarily indicating a marriageable age of a girl.
When getting married, these nose rings are often connected with the earrings so that the girl's nose is joined to the ear by a chain to signify that a girl is ready for a ride and like a young horse is ready to submit to a capable equestrian - imagery also present in Persian poetry and literature in general.
They are is also considered to have a medicinal significance if the piercing is done to the left nostril (the feminine side is on the left as usual) in order to lessen menstrual pain and ease childbirth. Septum (the cartilage between the nostrils) rings also indicate a moderation in food consumption, as traditionally they are made so large that they cover part of the mouth, so an adult married woman with kids is forced to eat more delicately, while young girls wear small ones when preparing for marriage & childbirth and being fattened for that purpose.
Obviously, in modernity, all these significant social functions of the nose ring are disregarded and it becomes but another oddity to focus attention on narcissistic and rudderless youths along with tattoos and tacky hair color, yet they may still play some symbolic role in sexual games without participants being fully conscious about it.

Does she seem tame to you? Beware of the wild spirit lurking in these eyes.

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