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Sep. 30th, 2022 | 09:34 am

To add a few more points to conspirological reasoning.

Who did it? Obviously not Russians, if you think of Russians as an "ethnic group" with one brain shared between millions or an anthill.

Let me break the news: Russians are more individualistic than Europeans in general. Moreover, they tend to organize into clans, interest groups, classes, mafias, and other unions, usually very unstable and temporary, due to the tendency of each player to look after individual interests first and after the common good a distant second. On top of it, there are a few utterly utopian ideas of what Russia used to be, is, and should become if it is governed "properly", meaning in a dreamer's ideological fashion. If you look into the history of the last century in Russia you'd find an explanation why.

Ok, who blew this effing pipeline? It could be any rival Russian clan within FSB or any organization with submarines and divers. Who is seriously interested in the continuation of the war and zero possibility that Germany may be persuaded to leave NATO and shake hands with Russia in exchange for gas.

Who is more to the "right" than Mr. Putin himself? Who wants to be an iron fist to rule Russia properly, to cleanse it and put it in order?

It could be any group of officers or ex-officers disgruntled enough to make such an act possible. Similar to the groups that invaded Ukraine and established these permanent sores of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Remember, that in Russia "Siloviki" altogether, meaning in military, paramilitary, or militarized institutions there used to be - in 2020 - nearly five million people. Only officially employed, mind it, without informal informers, volunteers, faux retirees, etc.

At least 4.5 million out of 145. One in 32.

So, back to the question, - who did it? There are way too many people who could. What is their chain of command, and how are they organized?

That's an interesting puzzle to solve, most cumbersome due to the branched structure of what used to be KGB+GRU, but evolved into a monstrous tree with many branches supporting Russia as it is.

This is a far more logical explanation than seeing an invisible hand of the US secret service blowing the pipeline.


How many security officials and law enforcement officers are there in Russia today? Approximately 4.5 million people, including the army (1.9 million), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (0.9 million), the National Guard (0.4 million), the Ministry of Emergency Situations (0.3 million), the Federal Penitentiary Service (0.3 million), the FSB with border troops (0.2 million). This is more than in the USSR, despite the fact that Russia is half the size of the USSR in terms of population. This is 6% of the entire working-age population of the country.

May be an image of text that says "poccийcKaR eAepauиR wuиR ΦΕ II nacnopT Intact Russian passport found floating in bubbles"

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from: anonymous
date: Sep. 30th, 2022 - 09:50 am

>> 4.5 million out of 145. One in 32.
если баб и детей откинуть, или siloviks с семьями считать -- one in 11 скорее