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Aug. 31st, 2023 | 04:52 pm

As some of us may know, Jordan Peterson is judged to have to undergo the Maoist re-education camp for fear of losing his license to practice psychology.
Gad Saad offered his assistance with defining the major points.
I may add a few.
* Women are equal in every aspect to men, but better.
* Only white people can be racist, and they always are, no matter what they do.
* The black people are always victims of the white people. And even if they rob or kill white people it is whiteness to blame.
* Capitalism is racist. And it is also a form of misogyny.
* Unfiltered immigration from the third world into first-world countries is the only way to solve the problems that the first world is having with an ageing population, failing birth rates, housing shortages, drugs and crime. It's only racists who deny it.
* Black and brown people who cast their votes on the conservative side of politics have internalized the whiteness and therefore lost their identity.

Gad Saad originals:

I'm delighted to report that I've been assigned to serve as
Dr Jordan B Peterson's re-education tutor. I've made it clear to the Overlord of Darkness that he must publicly proclaim these positions on social media:
1) Men can get pregnant
2) Men can menstruate
3) Some women have nine-inch penises
4) The climate crisis is so dire that we have less than two years of existence left (as a species)
5) Justin Trudeau is what a strong, principled leader looks like
6) Gas stoves are immoral
7) Fossil fuels are the devil's juice
???? Joe Biden is an honest politician whereas Orange Himmler must be jailed
9) The scientific method is a form of white supremacy
10) His Eminence the Exalted Lord Fauci is science
11) COVID vaccines should be administered every second Tuesday of every month in perpetuity
12) Peterson must recognize that he is a colonizer who is benefitting from stolen land. He must do so as his first tweet every day for the next two years.
13) Occasional Cortex (AOC) is NOT a narcissistic airhead.
14) We cannot understand human nature if not informed by Intersectional Feminism.
15) Canada is a country built by white supremacy and systemic racism.
16) Joual is the most beautiful sound in nature.
Am I missing anything?

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from: anonymous
date: Aug. 31st, 2023 - 11:06 pm

17. Canada is a country.