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Пишет beotia ([info]beotia)
@ 2017-03-09 13:57:00

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Ну это вообще пушка: http://surgery.yale.edu/neuropathology/research/prion.aspx

A hypothetical new form of life called a “prion” (an acronym for a protein infectious particle, later identified as the host protein “PrP”) is claimed to have remarkable features that are most reminiscent of ancient beliefs. Yet there is no direct evidence for many prion claims. These include the spontaneous generation of infectivity by a normal mammalian protein. Spontaneous conversion was a convenient belief (and legal cover) for governments dealing with practices that led to the epidemic outbreak of mad cow disease. Unlike spontaneous events that should occur with some type of mathematical frequency, the characteristics of the specific mad cow infectious agent had never been seen before. Additionally, the disease occurred only in places exposed to contaminated products (i.e., not spontaneously made by the host). Removing infected materials dramatically and abruptly diminished the UK cow epidemic. Similarly, new kuru infections disappeared after the cessation of ritual cannibalism in New Guinea.

А как про религию заворачивает, м-м-м. Очень жирненько, как и сам мозг.

Оказывается, мотивировано вот этим:


Эволюция! Без ДНК! Охуительные истории.