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February 7th, 2010

Мода на шапочки из фольги [Feb. 7th, 2010|05:02 am]
The prize in the TCA for telecom companies branching into wireless was a rider known as Section 704, which specifically prohibits citizens and local governments from stopping placement of a cell tower due to health concerns. Section 704 was clear: There could be no litigation to oppose cell towers because the signals make you sick.

Там всё-таки не про здоровье, а "запрещено рубить на корню".

In the summer of 2006, a super-Wi-Fi system known as WiMAX was tested in rural Sweden. Bombarded with signals, the residents of the village of Go"tene—who had no knowledge that the transmitter had come online—were overcome by headaches, difficulty breathing, and blurred vision, according to a Swedish news report. Two residents reported to the hospital with heart arrhythmias, similar to those that, more than thirty years ago, Allen Frey induced in frog hearts. This happened only hours after the system was turned on, and as soon as it was powered down, the symptoms disappeared... по ссылке не этот текст

Нет чтобы сделать носимые клетки Фарадея, только с головой, комбинезончик. Вот такие не покатят, больших дырок много.

Под паранджой тоже носить можно

Или если правильно делать, это уже кольчуга, только без лица, получится ?

В любом случае, чтобы снести башню, танки угонять не надо, стреляйте с 800 метров из винтовки. Индикатором эффективности может служить обычный сотовый телефон.
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