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Разделение пятиплетов [Apr. 8th, 2010|01:07 pm]
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Только подумаю, что вот, началось уже....

Как нет, опять запуск кризиса откладывается.

Bank of America is projecting a 600% increase in its already large number of monthly foreclosures.

This isn't unsubstantiated rumor; this comes straight from one of the most powerful men in Bank of America's OREO department (yes, that really is what they call it). It appears they have too many properties already.
CR Note: I tried to verify these numbers with BofA without success. Irvine Renter clarified this for me today. Apparently Gaitan said that Bank of America anticipates the peak of foreclosure activity will occur in December 2010 and will top out at 45,000 units that month. Apparently BofA believes foreclosure activity will trend down in 2011. According to Irvine Renter, Gaitan said BofA expects about 300,000 total foreclosures in 2010. That is a significant increase from the current 7,500 per month pace.

Ждём, когда же нашу лужу нанесут на эту карту. Столица уже есть, пора и нам бы.

Всё с calculated risk.
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