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Пишет boned ([info]boned)
@ 2020-06-11 11:44:00

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to be continued...
The Helter Skelter Conspiracy

The Helter Skelter Conspiracy began when the Great Dragon, that serpent of old, whose name is Satan, or the Devil, was thrown down to earth after losing a war with the angel of Israel, the renown archangel Michael. The Great Dragon was fuious and waged war on Israel for giving birth to Yeshua HaMashiach, the son of Prime Mover. One of the main phases of the xonspiracy involved the fallen angel or demon of Germany, whos name in Hebrew is Abaddon. The goal of this phase of Helter Skelter was to eradicate the sons and daughters of Israel so that the Ayan headed New World Order would establish a satanic millennium known as the Third Reich. One of the results of this phase, the Holocaust, was the consequesnce of a war between Abaddon and Michael in which Michael was severely injured. However, Michael was rescued by the two angels who are referred to as the "Two Great Eagle's Wings." These two angels are Ephraim, the angel of Great Britian, and Manasseh, the angel of America. This explains why the Brititsh and the Americans defeated the Germans in World WarII and put a final end to Hitler's final solution.

Another phase of Helter Skelter involved the introduction of slavery into AMerica. In this phase, the angel of AMerica had to fight a powerful demon named Baldur in order to eradicate slavery and preserve the Union. This heavenly battle was mirrored on earth by the Civil War. The great earthly hero in this phase was Abraham Lincoln whose sacred effort foiled Helter Skelter...

The penultimate phase of Helter Skelter involved Charles Manson and the Beatles. The goal of this phase was to spark a race war in America. Manson's plan was to kill some white celebrities and make it look as though blacks were responsible. He hoped a race war would ensue and that after the war he and his clan would come out of hiding to take control.

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