Thu, May. 17th, 2018, 12:37 pm
[info]caco3: Streets by VICE: San Francisco (Market St.)

призываю всех к просмотру!
"As part of our VICE Guide to San Francisco,
Streets By VICE: Market Street is
a new documentary on one of San Francisco's
most iconic streets. Hosted by Karley Sciortino,
the episode traces the street's history
its time as the entry point for new immigrants
to San Francisco to its rich history at the
center of the the gay liberation movement.
The episode also tackles everything from
the tech boom that has taken over San Francisco
to the city's increasingly visible homeless issue.
Streets By VICE: Market Street also dives into
the Bay Area's history as a hip-hop mecca,
sitting down with SF legend Andre Nickatina
at the Warfield Theater to talk about
the history of Fillmore District."

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