September 10th, 2020

01:21 pm
reading news

"When Pauline Harmange, a French writer and aspiring
novelist, published a treatise on hating men, she
expected it to sell at the most a couple of hundred
copies among friends and readers of her blog.
Instead, a threat by a government official to take
legal action to ban "Moi les hommes, je les déteste"
(I Hate Men) has made it a sellout.
“Misandry exists only as a reaction to misogyny,
which is at the root of systemic violence,” she
writes. The book cites statistics from 2018 showing
that 96% of people convicted of domestic violence
were men and 99% of those convicted of sexual
violence were men. “Whereas misandry has never
killed anyone
” Harmange writes."
Maria Kolesnikova says she was told she would be
leaving country ‘alive or in bits