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The day after


Ну и так далее.
Поставим здесь закладку, и вернемся к теме, если вспомним,
года через 2-3. Я хочу посмотреть на вытянувшиеся и ошарашенные
лица персонажей по ссылке вверху.

Pence sounded like Rubio on national security too. Echoing the GOP
foreign-policy establishment, he attacked Barack Obama and Hillary
Clinton for retreating from America’s imperial role. He said Clinton’s
“weak foreign policy” had “emboldened the aggression of Russia” in
Ukraine. He demanded that in Syria “the provocations by Russia need
to be met by American strength,” including even America air strikes
against Bashar Assad’s pro-Russian regime. He called for deepening
America’s commitment to NATO by deploying missile defense in Poland
and the Czech Republic. And he proposed strengthening America’s
Asian alliances in order to challenge Beijing in the South China Sea
and preserve “the demilitarization of the Korean peninsula.”

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