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THE TRAUMA FLOOR Feb. 26th, 2019|06:30 pm


Занимательное чтение о жизни модераторов корпорации добра:  
The Verge - The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America

Ключевые моменты:
  • Moderators in Phoenix will make just $28,800 per year — while the average Facebook
    employee has a total compensation of $240,000.
  • In stark contrast to the perks lavished on Facebook employees, team leaders micro-manage
    content moderators’ every bathroom break. Two Muslim employees were ordered to stop
    praying during their nine minutes per day of allotted “wellness time.”
  • Employees can be fired after making just a handful of errors a week, and those who remain
    live in fear of former colleagues returning to seek vengeance. One man we spoke with started
    bringing a gun to work to protect himself.
  • Employees have been found having sex inside stairwells and a room reserved for lactating
    mothers, in what one employee describes as “trauma bonding.”
  • Moderators cope with seeing traumatic images and videos by telling dark jokes about committing
    suicide, then smoking weed during breaks to numb their emotions. Moderators are routinely
    high at work.
  • Employees are developing PTSD-like symptoms after they leave the company, but are no longer
    eligible for any support from Facebook or Cognizant.
  • Employees have begun to embrace the fringe viewpoints of the videos and memes that they
    are supposed to moderate. The Phoenix site is home to a flat Earther and a Holocaust denier.
    A former employee tells us he no longer believes 9/11 was a terrorist attack.
"Впрочем, ничего нового", но все равно адище какое-то. Trauma bonding в виде секса в комнатах 
для кормления грудью. Christ Almighty. Добра вам всем.
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