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UK Porn Block Starts April 1st, ID Required Mar. 6th, 2019|09:32 pm

Starting from April 2019, attempting to reach Pornhub or Youporn from a UK device 
will bring up a non-pornographic ‘landing page’.
The first time they visit, users will have to create an AgeID account by verifying their 
ID, with an email and password.

    A user can register an AgeID account using an email address and password. The user 
verifies their email address and then chooses an age verification option from our list 
of 3rd party providers, using options such as Mobile SMS, Credit Card, Passport, or 
Driving Licence. The second option is to purchase a PortesCard or voucher from a retail 
outlet. Using this method, a customer does not need to register an email address, and 
can simply access the site using the Portes app.
    It is a one-time verification, with a simple single sign-on for future access. If a user 
verifies on one AgeID protected site, they will not need to perform this verification 
again on any other site carrying AgeID.
    Each PortesCard will cost £4.99 (USD$6.5) for use on a single device, or £8.99 ($11.8) 
for use across multiple devices. The ban on under-18s was approved as part of the 
Digital Economy Act last year aimed at making adult content less accessible to 
anyone under the age of 18.
    If porn websites don't comply, they face a fine of up to £250,000(USD$328,344) 
and even a blanket ban from UK internet service providers.

Большой  Королева следит за тобой, ничтожество.
Такие дела. 

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