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The Daily Beast - Neo-Folk Has a Nazi Problem Apr. 10th, 2019|10:47 am

Свежий высер вброс от The Daily Beast, о том какие у неофолка ахуеть проблемы с нацизмом. 
Статейка приурочена к событиям в Питсбургской синагоге. По металу с индастриалом
тоже прошлись.
Слоган под заголовком: "Despite its name, neo-folk isn’t all peace and love—its scene is a far-right 
hotbed, and some bands adopt Nazi imagery. Some fans, alarmed by recent violence, want to change that."

Удивительно сколько подобные темы можно пережевывать, как будто на дворе 80ые.

Алсо, интересная теория о возможном происхождении термина Nazi:

"Nazi is initially a short form for the name Ignaz. Because the name was especially common in 
Bavaria and Austria, it came to be a racial slur for Austrians and Bavarians (Prussians couldn't 
tell the two dialects apart and so put them in the same basket). In the 1900s there were standup 
comedians in Berlin doing comedy acts in which a Prussian met a "Nazi" and typically the laughs 
were on the nazi, who was a rustic yokel, who spoke with a thick accent and was unable to cope 
with big city life. Of course the Bavarians got their own back because they similarly mocked the 
Prussians, with the Prussian typically being an arrogant big-city know-it-all with little tact or common 
sense, so of course in their jokes it was the nazi who won. Sometimes Austrians would call one 
another nazi, and there is one film where a group of Austrians visit Berlin and one of the characters
says "we nazis need to stick together". The term nazi is thus clearly older than national socialism, 
has nothing to do with politics, and is typically but not necessarily a discriminatory slur. When Hitler 
came, he was initially popular in Bavaria but less so in Berlin, and furthermore spoke with an Austrian 
accent. So it was easy for his enemies to call him and his followers nazis. The word has nothing to do 
with national socialism, not at all! The Joos attached this word to the NSDAP for disparaging purpose...
Also very important, Neonazi (stupid zionistic brainwashed skinheads who claim to be NS 
(but they arent for real...) and Nazis are not the same at all too, know the difference!"

то есть как Ваня, только Игнац
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