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[21 Jun 2027|10:10am]

Maritimes 2009 part 2 [15 Nov 2009|06:30pm]

First thing in the morning on the 25th, we left Campbellton and headed further east along the coast, past Miramichi and into Bouctouche.


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Maritimes 2009 part 1 [15 Nov 2009|12:57pm]

August 24th — September 5th

Text by Layla; photos by Layla, Ljuba, and Sasha

Upon moving to Quebec in June 2000, we decided that before settling down in one place to first travel and see Eastern Canada. I longed for the serene horizons, gentle flowers, and abysmal waves of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Thus, on the 1st of September that year, we set off on an almost 3 months journey around Quebec planning to venture as far as the eastern provinces and possibly even visit the dreamlike Newfoundland. But it got too cold, too snowy, and too windy too soon; so, we focused on Ontario and Quebec and postponed our plan for, what turned out to be, 9 years.

Finally, early morning of the 24th of August 2009, we headed east.

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We took Champlain Bridge off the island of Montreal and drove through the scattered suburbs of the Southern Shore, following route 20 past the city of Quebec to Sainte Flavie along the southern shore of St. Laurent river and Gaspesie driving through the Quebec landscape of suburbs, refineries, and the forever hazy grasslands.


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Пляж [13 Jun 2009|01:12pm]

Если вы обитаете в Москве, очень рекомендую посетить:

14 июня в 12.00 в Центре современного искусства “Винзавод” состоится публичная лекция американского философа-неолуддита Джона Зерзана под названием «Примитивистский взгляд на углубляющийся кризис цивилизации».

Джона Зерзана называют самым интересным мыслителем нашего времени: в своих работах Джон критикует цивилизацию, технический прогресс и символическую культуру. По его мнению, все современные общественные и властные институты должны быть уничтожены. Книги Зерзана стали теоретической базой для образования нового течения в анархизме - анархо-примитивизма.

Издав несколько книг и журналов, Джон Зерзан стал настолько популярным, что на основе его интервью было снято несколько документальных фильмов, часть которых будет показана в рамках лекции.

Вход свободный.

м. Курская, 4-й Сыромятнический переулок, дом 1, стр. 6, Бродильный цех (6ой корпус).

В прошлом году он приезжал в Монреаль, о чем мы подробно рассказали и показали. | post comment

Beyond the Symbolic and towards the Collapse [25 Jun 2008|10:26am]

Отснял, смонтировал и загрузил на ютуб все три видео конференций Дж. Зерзана в Монреале. Обитатели ютуба в восторге.

Лейла написала подробное и чрезвычайно оригинальное вступление:

John Zerzan is one of the most interesting contemporary thinkers in the United States, at least. Like everything else in life, in order to fully appreciate Zerzan’s contribution to epistemology or the philosophy of civilisation, first, one has to read his work and hear his conferences – for, here, I only present my personal interpretation of his theory – and second, consider the context through which his voice and energy resonate. His contribution becomes even more impressive in light of the processes of Western institutionalisation of Thought and commodification of Knowledge – a totalitarian context that tolerates no challenge (philosophical or otherwise) that would threaten “the American way of life…

Все прелести по ссылке:

Если кто-то хочет сделать русские субтитры – поделюсь исходниками.

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Pretentions of modernity [15 May 2008|12:54pm]

В Россию Зерзан в этом году не приезжает. Зато позавчера он прибыл в Монреаль, и в городе состоятся несколько мероприятий с его участием.

Конкретно вот это организуется мной:

А в выходные много всего интересного будет происходить на А-книжной ярмарке. Если вы обитаете поблизости - приходите. | post comment

Lenin's cradle part 3 [15 Apr 2008|09:25pm]

pictures by Sasha
text by Layla

Ulianovsk today

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Lenin's cradle part 2 [15 Apr 2008|09:23pm]

pictures by Sasha
text by Layla

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Lenin's cradle part 1 [15 Apr 2008|09:22pm]

pictures by Sasha
text by Layla

My cousin Misha remains as vivacious and spontaneous as I remember him from childhood. One evening, he walked through the door and announced that first thing in the morning he was driving a car to Ulianovsk, the former Simbirsk, the birthplace of Vladimir Ilich Lenin, 950 km towards the Ural mountains, that famous range that separates Europe from Asia. We couldn’t resist such an opportunity and so, the next dawn Sasha, Liouba and I headed towards sunrise.

Through Kolomna:

The river Voblia (река Вобля), border of Moscow and Riazan’ regions:

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Malino [15 Apr 2008|09:19pm]

pictures by Sasha
text by Layla

After visiting aunt Lida and cousin’s Lena’s family in Moscow, we headed to my eldest aunt Zina,where she lives in a house with her youngest daughter, Tania in Malino. Malino is where my grandmother had finally agreed to move to from Nikolo Titeli and where she died. Although Nikolo is my beloved ideal, a time of pure happiness, where I used to hide in sunflower fields in the summer or watched the earth hidden in a deep comforter of snow to its horizon in winter – my secret moomin winter past – I have fond memories of Malino too. My cousin Misha would drive me on his motorcycle over the picturesque river and the surrounding flowering grass and lush forests. This year, we made a pilgrimage to both places.

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Moscow in spring [14 Apr 2008|07:26pm]

pictures by Sasha
text by Layla

Funny how the use of language can influence our experience of reality. If people are told repeatedly that green is black and that yellow is green, that’s what they begin to see. In fact, there are numerous experiments in the study of psychology of language, where it’s been observed that when different shades of the colour blue, as an example, have been flashed to native speakers of languages that had different names for these colours and to those who didn’t, the native speakers of the more shades of blue perceived them as different and separate colours, whereas those whose native language had only one term, saw them as basically one colour.

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Celebration of the vampires [14 Apr 2008|12:52am]

pictures by Sasha
text by Layla

Something fun always happens in Russia. Historically, it’s been a place with much more action than any hollywood film. O.k. This doesn’t compare with 1917, but it was still full of passion and contradictions, and all that is so wrong and wonderful with the human soul.

Sasha dropped by the celebration of Red Easter by Alexandre Dugin and his sheep. Russians are not worse than anybody else and so fetishism and gadgets have an appeal with the young and dreaming (of a bright future filled with shiny gadgets) and when a youth has his armpits bandaged by Dugin’s arrows, well that helps develop an intelligent, concentrated look, the one that is dressed in school, when the teacher’s pet looks at her wide eyed and big mouthed, ready to gobble anything that would give a chance to a cakeful life.

But not all of them are vamps:

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Moscow winter [14 Apr 2008|12:49am]

pictures by Sasha
text by Layla
Ah, Russia, forever acontrast with everything and with itself!

When Sasha and Liouba left the States at the end of March 2005, from crocuses in full bloom and the beginning of second harvest of grass they plunged into this:

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Return to Babje part 2 [10 Mar 2008|02:21pm]

Senelga offered rides.

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Return to Babje part 1 [10 Mar 2008|01:51pm]

A year later, we returned to Babje, whose population has grown, once again:
The horse Senelga had room-mates in her barn: a goat with her kid.
May has grown into a beautiful Collie.
And little Afanasij, who was born the previous summer, joined the 3 older knights.

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Babje part 6 [09 Mar 2008|02:34pm]

30% of Babje’s human population:

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Beyond Babje part 5 [09 Mar 2008|03:30am]

Moral of the story:

Nowhere to hide from democracy. It will haunt you, even without television, technology – in the most primitive and blissful of paradises, the candidates will descend upon you from the beyond, manifesting their true face and message through the tent. During the white nights, the candidates gleam through.

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Beyond Babje part 4 [09 Mar 2008|01:30am]

This is how we went: Liouba and I in one kayak with our tent and clothes. Sasha harboured the two boys in his kayak. Lionja rowed the whole food supply in the rubber boat and fishing and other artillery.

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Beyond Babje part 3 [09 Mar 2008|01:30am]

Ira, who was expecting their fourth child, stayed at home with little Tihon (3 years old at the time). Lionja took the older two boys, Fadei (6) and Makar (5), and Sasha, Liouba (6) and I took the kayak trip on Tvertsa river.

Still fired up and ready to go.

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Beyond Babje part 2 [09 Mar 2008|01:30am]

Life coaching and inspirational, motivational, wellness speaker.

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