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Подумалось тут...
А вы точно молекулярщик, а не сотрудник PR из компании по производству ГМ. Сомнения большие есть. Вы пишите: "Найдите мне про классику томаты. Но я вас огорчу, потому что я знаю все о ГМ-томатах и такой статьи нет за исключением пурги в интернетах. Наоборот, есть научная статья, где сравниваются все метаболиты лежких трансгенных томатов и органолептические показатели."
Да пожалуйста - http://www.plantcell.org/content/26/2/585.full.pdf+html

Можно и процитировать:
"sugar content is influenced by plastid numbers and photosynthetic activity in unripe fruit and later by starch and sugar catabolism during ripening. Tomato fruit are sinks of photosynthate, yet unripe green fruit contribute significantly to the sugars that ultimately accumulate in the ripe fruit. Plastid numbers and chlorophyll content are influenced by numerous environmental and genetic factors and are positively correlated with photosynthesis and photosynthate accumulation. GOLDEN2-LIKE (GLK) transcription factors regulate plastid and chlorophyll levels. Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), like most plants, contains two GLKs (i.e., GLK1 and GLK2/UNIFORM). Mutant and transgene analysis demonstrated that these genes encode functionally similar peptides, though differential expression renders GLK1 more important in leaves, while GLK2 is predominant in fruit. A latitudinal gradient of GLK2 expression influences the typical uneven coloration of green and ripe wild-type fruit. Transcriptome profiling revealed a broader fruit gene expression gradient throughout development. The gradient influenced general ripening activities beyond plastid development and was consistent with the easily observed yet poorly studied ripening gradient present in tomato and many fleshy fruits."

и ник ботовский....
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