11 October 2016 @ 01:37 pm
2,200 years ago in Turkey, this disturbing rental agreement was inscribed in stone  
Как вам заголовочек, а? Линк и комментарии, кстати, намекают: http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/10/2200-years-ago-in-turkey-this-insane-rental-agreement-was-inscribed-in-stone/ , что изначально это было вообще INSANE.

Вот что пишет нам об этом в ответ на вопросы, почему у статьи такой идиотский заголовок, в комментариях автор:

>To me a rental property that includes slaves is completely insane. But then again, I'm from the twenty-first century.

Плюс изучение комментариев позволяет предположить, что автор также перепутал верх и низ у каменюки, когда размешал фотографии.

А разгадка одна:

Check your privilege, cis scum. Такое впечатление, будто они специально разжигают классовую ненависть.

Свежая паста, с которой я не во всём согласен, но которая, тем не менее, красива:

But - leftists and the "intelligentsia" are the new priest class in our modern societies!

They set moral rules, interpret what happens, what is good and evil, to the masses;
they do not work, at least not physically and hard, and are recruited from the (at least a bit) learned classes - it is hard to be a priest if you are really stupid.

Like the priests of old, in churches, they preach to the masses in TV, in the internet, in printed papers.

Like the priests of old, they preach water and drink wine (today: a 10$-latte from starbucks), while the working
class is talked into thinking their are their friends and have their best interests in mind - while in reality,
they only want to keep workers working, so they themselves do not need to, and try to destabilize or even
overthrow the real, worldly, elites, in making "revolution" - in the past, they wanted a church state,
today, they want communism with themselves, of course, at the top of the pyramid, in the politburo.

And like in the cleric caste of old, they infight each other, to rise at the top in the priesthood,
ideally as a pope (in the past), or to be the revolutionary leader (today).

But most sure: They do not want to clean floors, bring in the harvest, or do plumbing.
They are the priests - they give the orders, they shape the weltbild for the masses, they are the
top political power.

In the past, they rationalized their elevated position, their power, would come from God - this would
be the reason they should rule.
In the modern priests, the rationalization is that their power is righteous and comes from morality,
that is, because they are moral, more morally pure, more morally wise and morally educated than all
other people, and that is the reason they should rule.