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Hsiao-mei Jul. 8th, 2015|07:02 pm


by Earl Desmond

In the late twenties of our century, Shangsankiang could be considered a prosperous town. It was a market place and the hub for the agricultural area with its fertile rice paddies on the plains in the south as well as her the tea plantations on the hills in the north. Its houses nestled closely to a promontory overlooking the confluency of three mountain streams. The resulting river was navigable for barges and junks for the remaining miles to the great Yangtse Kiang.

But of late, one source of worries marred the picture of peace and prosperity, and many a circumspect merchant had quietly left Shangsunkiang and had headed for the greater security of the provincial capital of Hankow - which was later to become part of the megalopolis of Wuhan. The Hung-jen mountain tribes, ever a source of unrest, had joined forces under an irascible chieftain and had set up headquarters in a monastery only twenty miles away in the hills. Groups of tribesmen were already marauding among the tea plantations, destroying some, and there were rumors of executions and of rape.

The mayor of Shangsankiang, a member of the wealthy Liu clan, had sent a few urgent appeals for help to the provincial governor, who was a great nitwit. To make things worse, the Central Government, besides being famous for its slow reactions, had own troubles with the War Lords in the North and with communist unrest in the Canton region.

And then, one early dawn, the Hung-jen attacked in force, and all Shangsankiang's resistance crumbled before the tribesmen's proverbial ferocity. The town was sacked, its civil servants and their families were decapitated together with any person considered to be an intellectual. For three days the tribesmen were given free run of the town, and every woman and every girl they found was raped repeatedly, be she as old as forty or as young as ten.

After the days of terror, Ma-huang, the chieftain, called it halt to the program and restored order of a sort. He made Shangsankiang his new Headquarters and instituted a reign of repression.

Lou Tai-tai, the Old Woman, and her seven-year-old niece Hsiao-mei had managed to escape the slaughter and had found refuge in a small cellar underneath the rubbles of the gutted school. The Hung-jen considered schools decadent and unnecessary, so the ruins remained untouched and no attempt was made to rebuild the school. The times that followed were extremely hard for the Old Woman and the child. The Old Woman had the maimed "small feet" that had been considered so beautiful under the former imperial rulers because they gave the women a quaint tripping walk. She was not so well afoot and it was mostly the little girl who had to scurry for food. The Old Woman praised the Central Government for having forbidden this practise of breaking a girl's foot three times and binding it together tightly. Fear and hunger were their constant companions. They survived, however, scavenging among the refuse of their new rulers and occasionally stealing from their stores.

Hsiao-mei often woke up at night sobbing. The scenes she had witnessed were still haunting her. Her brother being clubbed to death, her parents beheaded, and her elder sister undressed and raped until she had lost consciousness.

And when Hsiao-mei had ventured out of her hiding at night and had bent over her sister, she had seen the slit throat and blood everywhere. And everywhere the tribesmen in their orgy of massacre, their parts sticking out of their pants, searching for more young girls. One man had even turned on her and his heavy hand had already found the buttons of her i-shang. But Hsiao-mei had managed to twist herself out of his grasp, and the man had been too drunk to run after her.

Whenever Hsiao-mei sobbed, the Old Woman hugged her and spoke to her soothingly. She took the girl's hand into hers, pushed it down along the flat immature body and showed the child how to fondle herself between her slender legs and how to carefully insert a finger into the little hole there and to derive some pleasure. Lao Tai-tai was wise, and she knew that she had to dispell the terror that befell the little girl whenever a man came close to her lest it should thwart her attitude towards the male race during her whole life. And so she told Hsiao-mei the tale of Lee-ching in a version she made up specially for the child. The Old Woman had to repeat this tale time and again, while Hsiao-mei listened intently and played with herself.

"Once upon a time," Lao Tai-tai, the Old Lady, commenced her story, "there was a girl not much bigger or older than you are now, Hsiao-mei. Her name was Lee-ching, and she lived with her mother on a solitary island in the Tai-hu Lake. The girl felt lonely quite often and wished she'd have a friend to play with. While her mother was busy with the chores of the house, Lee-ching spent many hours just lying on the beach, dreaming and fondling herself between her legs, just like you are doing now, Hsiao-mei. You see, Lee-ching also liked the sweet feeling this gave her, and she could go on with this play for hours at an end. One day when she was at her favorite occupation, she was surprised by a tall and handsome man who had quietly swum ashore.

When the man saw Lee-ching all in the nude, and when he realized what the girl was doing, he felt a great passion for her and his muscle swelled and swelled until it was long and thick and hard and looked like the trunk of an elephant. The man got rid of his wet clothes, sat down on the warm sand and drew Lee-ching on his lap. He showed her how to touch his swollen muscle so as to give him pleasure, and Lee-ching was very happy with this new toy and she moved the skin of the man's muscle backwards and forwards, like this." Here the Old Woman wrapped her bony hand around the thick end of a broom-stick and showed the child how. "And the man felt around Lee-ching's slit and fondled her there. The feeling of a man caressing her was much sweeter than when she did it by herself, and Lee-ching had to sigh with joy. The man then drew Lee-ching closer and squeezed the up of his big muscle into her tight hole, right inside here," the Old Woman squeezed her finger into Hsiao-mei's little hole. "And then the man pushed his big muscle deeper and deeper still into the girl, filling her belly from down below.

Lee-ching only felt a little pain at first, and then it became to wonderful that she had no words to describe the deliciousness of it. But it was wonderful for the big man too, to have his muscle inside the small girl. It was so sweet and nice for both of them because he was proceeding gently and with love. Little Lee-ching felt extremely stuffed with the big man's enormous member, and she could hardly believe that so much of him was inside her small body. She felt around the thick stem of his muscle which was so firmly entrenched inside her hole, she felt the man's big and crinkly bag with the two balls inside that contain his semen, and her fingers played with the curls on his belly. It was heavenly for both of them, and they stayed together like this for many hours, kissing each other and caressing each other. From time to time their excitement would reach such a peak that the semen inside the man's bag boiled over and flowed out of his swollen muscle deep into Lee-ching's womb, and then they both gasped with the intensity of their joy and clung to each other.

When the sun sank low, the man got to his feet, carefully keeping his big muscle inside Lee-ching's tight hole. The girl wrapped her slender legs around the man's hips and hung on to him while he made his way to the house. Lee-ching's mother got the shock of her life when the saw the naked stranger who was holding her naked child tightly against his body. And as he approached, she could see that his big bag swayed underneath Lee-ching's small buttocks with every step he made. The stranger was a giant of a man! And he had his muscle inside her little child!

But then the man introduced himself as Prince Chan, and he said he wanted to make Lee-ching his princess. The mother was relieved, gave them food and wine and allowed the prince and her daughter to stay together the whole time and to sleep in one bed. The next day, a blue and golden Imperial Junk came and fetched them all to the Imperial Palace, where a big celebration was held for Prince Chan's betrothal to Lee-ching. Many ladies of the court were envious because the Prince had not chosen one of them. "Lee-ching is of humble origin," they whispered, "she is a small child and her breasts are as flat as a boy's. Our Prince Chan must be a pervert to chose such a small girl for his princess!"

But Prince Chan loved his little child-wife very dearly. He kissed her everywhere and he kissed and licked her small slit. And Lee-ching in return kissed and licked the Prince's body, she took his muscle into her mouth and sucked at it, and when he overflowed with joy, she drank his semen. After a short rest, when the Prince's muscle was strong and big again, they coupled once more, the Prince's thick and long muscle deep inside Lee-ching's little hole. As the years went by, Lee-ching grew taller and her breasts became bigger, but she never got curls on her belly. And one day, Lee-ching became pregnant and then gave birth to a beautiful little boy. And Lee-ching, Prince Chan and their son lived happily ever after."

One day Hsiao-mei made friends with a Hung-jen girl who was about her age. She met her on the playground at the hill-side of the town, and she was amazed to discover that the other girl was as much a human as any other girl. The girl's mother came along sometimes to watch over her daughter. She was an attractive woman, even though she had the typical broad features of all Hung-jen. But Hsiao-mei definitely dreaded the girl's father. She had met him only once and she still felt a chill creep up her spine when she thought of the way he had faced her.

Two years after the fall of Shangsankiang, the troops of the Government Third Army recaptured the town. Their attack carried them deep into the hilly homelands of the Hung-jen, and they solved the problem of the pestering mountain tribes in their own very thorough manner by eliminating the evil by its roots. Only small girls were spared and they formed a terrified group on the market square of Shangsankiang where they were herded together. Lao Tai-tai and Hsiao-mei watched from their hiding place when the commander allotted the girls to soldiers who had distinguished themselves during the campaign. Hsiao-mei also saw her Hung-jen girl friend being led away by a smirking soldier whose bulging trousers clearly showed his state of passion for his young prize.

Peace and normalcy returned quickly to the harrassed town, and half a year later nobody would have ever believed that Shangsankiang had been submitted to a two-year reign of terror. One day the Old Woman took on a job as the housekeeper amah of the new manager of the Tai Cha Tea Plantation. He was a "foreign devil", a straight-nosed, white-skinned Englishman with blue eyes and with hair which had the colour of yellow gold, a man a head taller than the average Chinese. His name was Allan King, and praise the Gods that his name was no tongue-twister like the names of other foreigners and that it could be pronounced easily.

Allan King had done well as a manager of a tea-plantation in faraway India, and the Company which owned the Tai Chah Tea Plantation had engaged him to introduce new culturing and harvesting methods and to improve the quality of the tea leaves. Allan King spoke but little Chinese. He had come to Shangsankiang only with a baby son of six months. His wife had died a few days after giving birth to his child.

The boy became Hsiao-mei's special ward, and she was very proud that the job of tending to him had been put in her young hands. Hsiao-mei proved herself to be an efficient and good foster-mother to the boy. Lao Tai-tai was happy too, for she sensed that Master Allan liked Hsiao-mei, and she wondered whether this could lead to anything. If only the girl weren't quite so young, but maybe...? As for the girl, it was so very evident that she was head over heels in love with the tall and handsome foreigner.

One day the Old Woman came upon a highly significant scene: Little Hsiao-mei, oblivious of the fact that Master Allan was watching, had opened the buttons of her i-shang and, holding the child to her bare chest, she allowed the tiny tot to suck at the small nipple of one of her still boyishly flat breasts, pretending to feed the boy. When she became aware of her master and the Old Woman, she tried to cover up and she blushed. She really looked cute when she was flustered.

"It's all right, Hsiao-mei," the Old Woman reassured her. "The boy likes it, doesn't he?" She pulled the i-shang down Hsiao-mei's narrow shoulders. The girl had to slip one arm and then the other out of the sleeves. She was nude now from her navel upwards. "Now, hold the boy to your titty again, Hsiao-mei."

For a time nobody spoke. Then Master Allan said in his funny Chinese:

"Well, it shows he's a healthy little boy, doesn't it? And he has already got a healthy male's appetite for a girl's titty."

The Old Woman chuckled. She was quite pleased about the way their master was looking at the girl. She tiptoed out of the room. When she returned after a while, the boy was again lying in the cradle, but Hsiao-mei was sitting on Master Allan's lap, and he was slowly caressing the girl's bare chest. Hsiao-mei was glowing with happiness - she had never before been so close to her master.

Later that day, the Old Woman asked Master Allan: "You like Hsiao-mei, don't you?"

"Yes, Lao Tai-tai. She's a very sweet child."

"And Hsiao-mei, she likes you. Master Allan, you know that?"

"Yes. I guessed so much. What a pity she's so young."

"Why a pity, Master Allan?"

"Well, Lao Tai-tai, if Hsiao-mei were older I could... we could..."

The foreigner's face was becoming crimson.

"Your wife, she died some time ago already, and now you need a woman, is that not so, Master Allan? It's not good for a strong and healthy man like you to be so long without a woman. Maybe Hsiao-mei can help you? She is a woman, a small woman, isn't she?"

"But she's so small still, and so young, Lao Tai-tai. She's a child still. How old is she?"

"Hsiao-mei is eleven years old, Master Allan."

"But when was she born, Lao Tai-tai?" Allan King knew very well that the Chinese count the ages differently. A child is one year old when born, and it becomes another year older at Chinese New Year, when all the Chinese celebrate their birthday. Thus, a tiny tot born in December is two years old in February, after two months. And eleven-year-old Hsiao-mei could be anything between nine and ten.

"Hsiao-mei is an autumn child, Master Allan." the Old Woman said. She was wise enough not to press the matter now. No use overplaying her hand.

Master Allan was at least thinking about it, wasn't he? Otherwise he wouldn't have inquired about Hsiao-mei age.

Allan King was indeed thinking more about Hsiao-mei than he cared to admit. She really was a sweet little kid, so wonderful to hold and to touch, and so light! Yet, she was arousing him in a terrible way! He really should look around for some older girl to help him relieve the biological pressure which had built up inside his system. But with Hsiao-mei around he simply couldn't take in big girl. He'd feel like a heel. And what had the Old Woman meant? Hsiao-mei being a woman, a small woman? Allan King remembered that it wasn't so uncommon in China to marry off a daughter at the age of eleven or twelve. Chinese count. Autumn child? Then Hsiao-mei was nine and a half. Maybe Hsiao-mei could really help him? After all, if she's so small for... well, she could help him with her small hands, or...

The Old Woman saw to it that Hsiao-mei was at her little game again the next afternoon when Master Allan usually returned from his tour of the plantation. But this time she had instructed the girl to sit without her i-shang, clad only with a towel wrapped around her narrow hips.

Even if her small heart was fluttering, Hsiao-mei was looking forward to her master's coming, and she didn't mind no much that he would see her in such a state of undress. She wondered if Lao Tai-tai was really right about Master Allan being disposed to be friendly with her.

And then he was inside the room! He had returned sooner than she had expected. Hsiao-mei looked up at him with a worried face, even if her heart skipped a beat because she was so happy to have him close by. Allan King stood stock still as he took in the scene.

"You are a very good mother to my little son, Hsiao-mei," he said, his voice hoarse. "But there's no milk yet inside your titties. I think I should rub them again to make them grow. Come, girl, put aside the boy."

Hsiao-mei obeyed and got up to put the boy in the cradle. Her master sat down and then drew her onto his lap. He held her close to him and kissed her front, her temples, her eyes, her little upturned nose, and then her mouth.

Hsiao-mei had never been kissed like this before in her short life, and certainly never by a man. She loved it immensely, and her heart opened up even more. Master Allan was kissing her and she was kissing back! She cuddled closer and as she arranged herself on his lap, the towel got loose and slid down. In the excited state she was in now she didn't mind at all and she was certain that her master wouldn't mind either, not if he was kissing her like this! He was keeping his lips apart slightly, until she did the same, and then his tongue slipped into her mouth, whereupon Hsiao-mei also darted her tongue into his mouth. It was great fun!

And then Hsiao-mei felt his hand on her thigh. He kneaded it, gently, and his hand slid higher, pushed her thighs apart and then he touched her slit! He felt along it, very tenderly. He found the small knob of her clitoris and he found her tight little hole. He was now rubbing her in a way Hsiao-mei had never imagined that such a big hand and such big fingers could do so tenderly. What he did to her was ever so sweet! So wonderful and so nice! They stopped kissing, and she and the tall man were looking down.

"My little child." he was murmuring. "God, it's nice to touch a girl again between her legs. It has been such a long time..."

Hsiao-mei had to moan because the feeling was so nice and so sweet, and she moaned louder then, and all of a sudden, she felt herself melt under his touch, melt an if her whole being would flow out of her slit and Hsiao-mei sobbed with the joy of it.
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