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April 19th, 2020
03:22 pm


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Imperial magazine "Razvedchik", 124 years ago:
Here is written about an imperial decree ordering to change the national colors of the flag on hats, border posts, etc. The decree proclaim the urgency of changing the colors of the flag from the old black-orange-white (the colors of the German Habsburg dynasty) to the new white-blue-red (according to the official history - the colors were borrowed from the Dutch).
The revisionist's comment: the official history claims that the white-blue-red flag was introduced in Russia by Peter (300 years ago), but this imperial military magazine shows that it happened just over 100 years ago. Why did the Oldenburg dynasty of the Romanovs trade the black-yellow-silver symbolism of the Germans for the colors of France?  The war with Germany is not far off, all roles have already been written and allies are now French. Nothing personal and no merchant fleet of Holland has anything to do with it.
Imagebskamalov wrote the following post Fri, 17 Apr 2020 20:20:30 +0300

Но ведь якобы эти вета вводил еще Петросян № 1 пару сотен лет назад ? Нет ? Петросян все и вся вводил в конце 19 века вместе с "нашими" Ольденбургами ?

Почему "наши" Ольденбурги слили черно-желто-серебристую символику младшей ветви Германщины на цвета Фганции ?  Война с Германщиной не за горами, все роли уже расписаны и союзниники теперь фганцузы. Ничего личного и никакой торговый флот Голландии здесь ни при чем.

National flags of Russia before and after this imperial decree.

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