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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

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    Складывая темы Ирландии и парламентского кретинизма
    На сайте ИРСП хорошая статья о парламентаризме (в свете формирования "Объединенного левого альянса" - главным образом из троцкистов; альянс этот получил на выборах 3% и 5 мест, тогда как в предыдущем парламенте ни одна из составляющих его партий не была представлена - но статья написана еще до выборов).

    Статью постараюсь перевести до конца недели, а пока ключевой отрывок в оригинале:

    The IRSP’s position on electoralism is clear. We do not believe there is a parliamentary road to socialism and thus any electoral intervention must not be characterised by a refusal to put right-wing parties in power or the demand for what can realistically be judged as a more progressive policy platform than a conservative administration, but by the clear pursuit of revolutionary aims. Central to our revolutionary aims is the building of working class power, which will not be built by uniting a couple of sects espousing reformist rhetoric and reformist demands. The current system of political administration in Ireland, a reflection of our economic system, is fundamentally undemocratic and cannot possibly cater for the needs of the Irish people. Any electoral success must be used to spread revolutionary socialist ideas and to expose the stark limitations of the current system. Most especially this must be channeled towards mobilising working people to the streets, not demobilising them, or putting them under the influence of trade union bureaucrat mis-leaders. As Ta Power said, “There is no easy way to the Socialist Republic, no shortcuts”, and yet some far left parties have a foolish history of ditching much of their core political principles for short-term electoral gains.

    Хорошо, что даже в Европе остались и такие левые.

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