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Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

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    The Story Of Technoviking - 2016 - Short Version - EN DE ES subs

    We Technoviking

    Its very simple: The real person behind the "hero" does not like to be an Internet meme. After a verdict from a higher German Court in 2013 I risk a fine up to 250.000 Euro or up to 6 month in prison if I would pubish the photographic image of the "hero" again. See the very beginning of the film. If you follow the case number you can search & read the verdict. Of course all this legal restrictions are not stopping other people to use of the images, but speaking for myself - when sharing the story - I rather act within the borders set by court and accept the wish of the plaintiff aka the "Technoviking" to stay anonymos and unseen. ... which is something pretty cool and unusual these days!

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    Вам, каравидофобы
    Alois Kolb

    Richard Müller

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    The Invisible Writing

    Почему-то кажется, что сейчас там обитают в основном ценители стихов Сергея Булычева.

    Кстати, кто-нибудь читал Black Garden Томаса де Ваала (не знаю, начинать ли)?

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