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Sunday, July 8th, 2007

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    My exellent brain chain the same emotions
    Must i reprove devotion? Or ask myself how i wanna spend my celebrotion
    Oh! It's celebrAtion, i am ya generation
    I'll be pleased to see ya help as advocation
    Unclear physics helps me to make some explecations
    My murderin' affairs're just some funny
    Cuz i'm too young'n'hungry to scream: "I ma kill ya fuckin' honie"
    I ain't a murder, i'm just a criminal
    I am some crazy and sometimes you can see me as a phenonemen
    But if you think some shit about me bitch, i'll kill'em enI'll kill their motherfuckin' asses, just like Eminem)
    (i like M&M))
    It was just my instinkt, i hate my school -- it's just a skin-stick
    Pretty girls with reddy lips, oh shit, it's lipstick
    Tryna rhymin' fast? Encrease the lvl of ya ass
    Protect ya head and neck, protect your front, ya must protect ya back...!

    Current Music: Prodigy -- Poison

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