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Monday, September 3rd, 2007

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    never enough continued this shit
    [music cleanin' out my closet]

    Now everybody who knows this shit
    please stand up
    Now everybody who knows
    i.. bitch, shut up!
    just gonna like this
    [verse 1]
    Every night i work on PC
    i just tryna worckin'
    Everyday i wake up and think
    how she is perfect
    Cuz my life is crazy worcked i just need just one nurced
    Write new freestyle with stupid banal start "bust it"
    I've just no words to fuckin' discuss it
    Cuz i'mma can't fuckin' trust it
    I loose that beautiful girl i lost her 4ever, shit, fuck it
    the probably was a problem she keep me like a clown
    one day i said "fuck you" -- the game goes to next round
    My life's flashes like eminem's curtain calls
    We startedring each other and talck by home phones

    [chorus] x2
    No more cry, no words, no shit like this
    No more lyein', no songs, just tryna diss
    I sent you only the last fuckin; kiss
    I'm sorry lovely asshole

    [verse 2] -- have no it...

    Current Mood: nice
    Current Music: eminem -- fuck you

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