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Пишет larvatus ([info]larvatus)
@ 2010-06-26 00:49:00

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I am pleased to announce that eighteen years, seven months, and twenty-four days after the issuance of my dueling challenge to him, Mike Godwin courageously amended his original choice of arms, from Trivial Pursuit to “[my] favorite weapon”. As a result of his gracious choice, we shall battle with shinai on a near future date. Watch this space for further updates.

Updated on 11 May 2011: Regrettably, Godwin not only reneged on his assent to a duel, but attempted in vain to have me falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted, and contrived in his subsequently terminated capacity of disgraced blowhard general counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation to have me blocked and purged from Wikipedia by lying that I made threats of violence and attempts at coercion directed at himself. There is no honor among lawyers.

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Stick fighting
2011-05-11 19:42 (ссылка)
Would a shinai beat a quarterstaff? a singlestick?

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Re: Stick fighting
2011-05-11 20:03 (ссылка)
No, and it’s not meant to. There is no way to duel to first blood with a quarterstaff or a singlestick, unless both duelists are expert fighters. The point of this engagement was to teach a pudgy pantywaist pettifogger a valuable lesson without endangering his life. But puttering pikers are unpredictable, so I cannot be confident of ensuring Godwin’s survival in a fight with hardwood weapons.

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