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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

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    English, English and English
    это перепост заметки, оригинал находится на моем сайте: http://lleo.me/dnevnik/2016/05/02.html

    Hello my dear friends!

    I wrote you a few days ago about my english traning, and so I am here. Russian language is strongly prohibited for us now. Then I will try to write in english. And I will translate it to russian by Google :) You can correct my misspellings using Ctrl+Enter.

    So. We live in a beutifull place «Zosimova Pustyn». I have been to Zosimova Pustyn once before. When I was here last time, I was only 2 years old. Really. It is the earlies memory of my life: rain, dark, evening, station Zosimova Pustyn and endless field around there. We went through this field with my Grandmother and a big umbrella, and I asked her, what does that mean «Zosimova Pustyn»? My Grandmother started to explain me, that many years ago there was a old man, whose name was Zosim. He lived there, and nobody else lived there... My russian was not at its best at that time, and I couldn't understand all her explanations. Now I am again in Zosimova Pustyn with the same problem. There is no big field around the station. There is no rain. But I still can't understand all the explanations, cause my language still is not perfect :)
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