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винда, похоже, действительно нежилец

Since 2013, devices running Android have been selling more than Windows, iOS and macOS devices combined. That made Android the most popular operating system that runs on smartphones, while iOS is more used on tablets. Most desktop and laptop computers use Microsoft Windows, while virtually all supercomputers (and for over a decade back) use Linux. In the servers category, there is more diversity, with Linux and Windows Server most popular, and many fewer mainframes. Data about operating system share is difficult to obtain, since in most categories there are few reliable primary sources or agreed methodologies for its collection.

ее сожрал, конечно, не линупс, но андроид с маками
но технология там именно модульная, олдскул юникс,
монолитное говно уходит вслед за динозаврами
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