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Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

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    следы известной контроверсии на mathoverflow
    Lou van den Dries, George Orwell, and Mandatory Ethics Training
    оказывается Лау ван ден Дрис, автор важной книги
    по о-минимальности, был привлечён к суду за отказ участвовать
    в принудительных политинформацияхзанятиях по ethics training

    Lou van den Dries, a tenured professor at the University of Illinois
    at Urbana-Champaign, has been working at the university since 1988. In
    2003, Illinois issued the (5 ILCS 430/) State Officials and Employees
    Ethics Act [2] that required each officer, member, and employee to
    complete, at least annually beginning in 2004, an ethics training
    program conducted by an appropriate state agency. Van den Dries replied
    with "I find it critically important to refuse my collaboration with
    this Orwellian scheme." His defiance to take mandatory ethics training
    from 2006-2009 caused the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission to put
    him on trial for failure to comply with the law.

    Dries spoke against mandatory ethics training, stating

    "Mandatory ethics training for adults is an Orwellian concept and has
    no place in a civil and free society. It is Big Brother reducing us
    to the status of children."

    "Subjecting all state employees to ethics training because of corruption
    among a few politicians and their cronies is collective punishment."

    "Compliance with the ethics training is plainly based on coercion."

    дело он, к сожалению, проиграл.

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