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Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

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    купил билеты на песах сэдэр в грэйт синагог оф тель авив

    служба на иврите, правда. зато с едой. и мальчиков сажают
    вместе с девочками (хоть синагога и не реформистская).
    пустить гоя на песах, накормить, и рассказать ему, как всё
    было с египетским рабством --- мицва (богоугодный поступок).

    кстати, сэдэр буквально означает "порядок"
    well-founded order будет "сэдэр тов"

    математика на иврите наверное вообще полна библейскими
    cubism vs lsd
    интересно, что раньше появилось, культура употребления
    психоделиков в Европе или кубизм? искал исторические труды
    и не нашёл.

    It is interesting that the LSD experience tends to enhance
    appreciation and understanding of art in individuals who were
    previously unresponsive and indifferent. A characteristic observation
    from psychedelic research is the sudden development of interest in
    various movements in modern art. Subjects who were indifferent or even
    hostile toward non-conventional art forms can develop deep insight
    into suprematism, pointillism, cubism, impressionism, dadaism,
    surrealism, or superrealism after a single exposure to LSD. There are
    certain painters whose art seems to be particularly closely related to
    the visionary experiences induced by LSD. Thus many LSD subjects
    develop deep empathic understanding of the paintings of Hieronymus
    Bosch, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, René
    Magritte, Maurits Escher, or H. R. Giger. Another typical consequence
    of the psychedelic experience is a dramatic change of attitude toward
    music; many LSD subjects discover in their sessions new dimensions in
    music and new ways of listening to it. A number of our patients, who
    were alcoholics and heroin addicts with poor educational background,
    developed such deep interest in classical music as a result of their
    one LSD session that they decided to use their meager financial
    resources for buying a stereo set and starting a record collection of
    their own. The role of psychedelics in the development of contemporary
    music and their impact on composers, interpreters, and audiences is so
    obvious and well-known that it does not require special emphasis here.

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