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Monday, May 10th, 2010

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    Знаменосцы (The Standard-Bearer) 16-17 век.

    Знаменосцы (The Standard-Bearer) 16-17 век.

    The Standard-Bearer

    Portrait of man in a flamboyant outfit holding up a standard and with his hand on his hip in a landscape with a military encounter beyond. 1585

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    Немецкие художники 15- начала16 века.

    Работы неизвестных художников и женские портреты 15-16 века.

    UNKNOWN MASTER, Austrian
    Portrait of Kunigunde of Austria
    c. 1485

    MALER, Hans
    German painter ( 1480- 1529)
    Queen Anne of Hungary and Bohemia
    c. 1519

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