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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2009-07-16 12:38:00

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Фотография и фотографы в старинной рекламе и постерах.

Фотография и фотографы в старинной рекламе и постерах.

Очень смешные картинки!

19th Century trade card

Rabbit with View Camera Photographing a Rabbit Couple

Easter Postcards of Boy with Camera and Rabbit

Camera Valentine

35 mm Camera Valentine

Camera Girl Valentine

Mechanical Valentine with Photographer and Subject

Santa Takes a Snapshot

This 1909 cover of the Nick Carter Weekly magazine shows a young woman with a folding camera and another with a bar of flash powder taking a picture of a "woman". The magazine is fragile and I have not wanted to handle it but the cover caption gives the impression that the "woman" is a man in disguise.

This 19th century die-cut, chromolithograph of a family being photographed with a large field camera was bought on a trip to England.

This early 20th century plate features a comic beach scene of several men with hand cameras photographing ladies coming out of the sea wrapped in blankets. In the background is a line of bathing huts. The text of plate does not translate completely in Bable Fish or Google although we get the gist of the joke.

Happy New Year – 1942

The Blind Man and the Photographer - Japanese Print

The Blind Man and the Photographer - Japanese Print

German Clockwork Tableau of Photographer

"The Gay Photographer" (not what you think!) Sheet Music with Photographic Theme - 1870

"The Kodak Girl" - Sheet Music with Photographic Theme - 1902

"The Focus" - Sheet Music with Photographic Theme - 1908

Paperdoll with Box Plate Camera

Trade Card with Camera and Little Girl Photographing a Doll

The young photographer on this card photographs a jar of Liebig Extract of Meat that sits on a chair. Liebig produced a number of trade cards that featured photographers.

Lithographed Nesting Blocks Set

Butterfly Winged Cherub with Camera - Diecut Chromolithograph Sticker

Camera Comics, published by US Camera Publishing Co. from 1944 to 1946. We have a large collections of comics that feature photographers but the issues of Camera Comics are our favorites. Among the characters are Linda Lens, Kid Click, and Art Fenton.

Camera Comics No. 4 - 1945

Casey Crime Photographer No. 4 - 1950

Paper Mache Easter Egg - Duck with View Camera

Paper Mache Easter Egg - Little Girl with View Camera

Kodak Cigar Box

Kodak Cigar Box

Gody's Ladies' Book - Woman Dressed as Photography
In this tinted illustration from a 1866 Gody's Ladies' Book, the third figure from the left is dressed as photography. She has a camera hat and photographs on her dress and fan.


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