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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2009-09-01 16:05:00

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Королевские кабинеты и старинная кабинетная мебель.

Старинная кабинетная мебель и королевские кабинеты.

Кабинеты, письменные столы и бюро Людовиков, Мазарини, Марии-Антуаннетты, НаполеонаIII.

Настольный кабинет-часы- Jewel cabinet incorporating a watch, possibly before 1766

Louis XIV, Writing Desk

Cabinet Louis XVI

---------------------Королевские кабинеты и мебель-----------------------

------------------Столы Людовиков-14,15 и 16----------------------

Cтол Людовика 14
Writing Desk (Bureau Brise)
By Alexandre-Jean Oppenordy (maker, Dutch, act. France, 1639 - 1715) and Jean Berain (engraver, French, 1638/39 - 1711)
c. 1685

Louis XIV, Writing Desk
This compact desk was made for Louis XIV by the relatively unknown Dutch cabinetmaker Alexandre-Jean Oppenordt (1639–1715). It was one of a pair made for the king's study, a small room in the north wing of Versailles.

Louis XV desk
This photo is blurry but the Louis XV desk is one-of-a-kind, delivered to the king at Versailles in 1759.

Louis XV desk

Versailles - King's Suite
King Louis XVI Desk

King Louis XVI Desk

Oak, pine, walnut; veneered with ebony, rosewood, and with marquetry of engraved brass on tortoiseshell; gilt bronze, stell.
Commissioned for Louis XIV's personal use

Бюро Мазарини

-------------Лувр- Louvre Museum Cabinet Louis XVI--------------

Louvre Museum Cabinet Louis XVI

Cabinet Louis XVI

Paire de chenets au cerf et au sanglier - Cabinet Louis XVI - Louvre Museum

Secrétaire à abattant - Cabinet Louis XVI - Louvre Museum

Secrétaire à cylindre
Artist : Jean-Henri Riesener
Cabinet Louis XVI
Louvre Museum
Cabinet Louis XVI

Кабинет 17 века короля Чарльза
A wonderful tortoiseshell cabinet which was bequeathed by King Charles II to the woman who posed as Britannia is on display at a historic Scots country house.
The cabinet is a sign of the unrequited love the King had for Frances Stewart – the lady who eventually married his cousin

Secrétaire à cylindre de Louis-Philippe
François-Laurent Puteaux

Pierre Gole : Bureau Mazarin - France and Italy in the 18th Century

Bureau à cylindre dit "du roi de Sardaigne"
Bureau à cylindre
Mathieu-Guillaume Cramer
around 1775


Стол Марии-Антуанетты
Writing table
Inner chamber of Marie Antoinette, château de Saint-Cloud; collection of Prince de Beauvau; "Salon Bleu" of Empress Eugénie, Palais des Tuileries, 1865.
Paris, France
Oak, ebony and sycamore veneer, Japan lacquer, steel, gilt bronze
H. 73.7 cm; W. 81.2 cm; D. 45.2 cm

Writing table

Queen Marie Antoinette purchased the château de Saint-Cloud from the Duke of Orléans in 1785 and furnished it to suit her own taste. This table was in the queen's inner chamber. It was crafted by the cabinetmaker Adam Weisweiler and delivered by the merchant Daguerre, who probably had a hand in the design. The piece is characteristic of Weisweiler's work and of the refinement of the Louis XVI style.

boudoir de Marie-Antoinette, 1787

Vue intérieure : cabinets intérieurs de la Reine : le Grand cabinet intérieur de la Reine ou "cabinet doré", décor de 1783 de l'époque de Marie-Antoinette

Serre-bijoux de la reine Marie-Antoinette, 1787

Secrétaire à cylindre de la reine Marie-Antoinette, 1786

Le coffret à bijoux de Marie-Antoinette
Alors Dauphine livré à Versailles en 1770. Décor de 13 plaques en porcelaine tendre de Sèvres décorées dans un encadrement vert et or, de bouquets de fleurs peints


Бюро Марии-Луизы
Boudoir of the Empress Marie-Louise
Bureau dit en arc de triomphe
Jacob Frères

Ce bureau dit en arc de triomphe, en acajou muni d'un abattant et décoré de bronzes dorés et patinés au vert antique, sera exécuté par les Frères Jacob en 1796. Ce meuble fera partie de l'ameublement du premier hôtel habité par Napoléon Bonaparte et la future impératrice Joséphine à Paris, rue Chantereine, actuelle rue des Victoires. Conservé par le Garde-meubles impérial après le don de cet hôtel à un écuyer de l'Empereur, en 1806, il sera transporté dans le boudoir de l'impératrice Joséphine au Tuileries, puis dans celui de Marie-Louise au Grand Trianon

Бюро Марии Лещинской
Marie Leczinska
Bureau plat
Jacques Dubois

Salle du Mobilier d'argent
Bureau de Maximilien-Emmanuel, électeur de Bavière
André-Charles Boulle
around 1715

Апартаменты Наполеона III

Апартаменты Наполеона III

Апартаменты Наполеона III

-------------------Версаль-королевские апартаменты-большой кабинет дофина-------------

Grand Cabinet Du Dauphin / Appartement Du Dauphin
Château de Versailles / Chateau de Versailles

Grand Cabinet Du Dauphin / Appartement Du Dauphin
Château de Versailles / Chateau de Versailles

Grand Cabinet Du Dauphin / Appartement Du Dauphin
Château de Versailles / Chateau de Versailles


Secrétaire à cylindre
Secrétaire à cylindre
Jean-François Leleu et Manufacture de Sèvres
circa from 1768 to 1770

Secrétaire à cylindre
Secrétaire à cylindre
Jean-Henri Riesener

Secrétaire à cylindre
Secrétaire à cylindre
Jacob Frères
circa from 1780 to 1820

RIESENER, Jean-Henri
German cabinet-maker (b. 1754, Gladbeck, d. 1806, Paris)
Roll-top desk
Oak veneered with various wood, gilt-bronze mounts, height 140 cm
Wallace Collection, London

Artist : Jean-François Oeben
Material : Rosewood, Mahogany, Ebony, Gilded bronze

Writing desk by Giuseppe Gargiulo signed 1880 displaying a variety of inlay and marquetry techniques including panels depicting the local peasantry, Museum of Intarsia, Sorrento

----------------с сайта www.jansantiques.com--------------------

A Very Fine French 19th/20th Century Louis XV Style Tulipwood Parquetry and Gilt-Bronze Mounted Kidney-Shaped Secretary, by Mâison Millet. Circa: Paris, 1890

A Very Fine French 19th Century Louis XV Style Gilt-Bronze Mounted Kingwood and Parquetry Decorated Bombé Secretary Bureau fitted with a pair of two-light candelabrum. Circa: Paris, 1880. Ref 1074

A Fine French Louis XIV style 19th century Tulipwood and Gilt-Bronze Mounted Kidney Shaped Cartonnier-Lady's Desk with Clock and a Pair of Tw-Light Candelabra. Circa: Paris, 1880

A Very Fine French 19th Century Louis XV Style Bureau Plat Cartonnier by Antoine Krieger, the quarter-veneer satiné with fruitwood stringing, the cartonnier set with a circular timepiece above seven gilt-tooled brown leather faceted drawers, the bureau plat with a gilt tooled brown leather writing surface above three frieze drawers, all lockplates signed MON KRIEGER/AMEUBLEMENT/ PARIS.
Krieger, Antoine: ébéniste (France, 1804-1869) A major manufacturer cabinet-maker during the second half of the 19th century

Early 19th Century Louis XV Style Figural Gilt-Bronze Mounted Tulipwood Marquetry Three-Drawer Bureau-Plat Cartonnier with Dual Clock-Works by Lenoir, Paris, surmounted with a Pair Two-Light Gilt-Bronze Mounted Candelabra.
Circa: 1820 http://www.jansantiques.com/Lot/jac1297.html

Art nouveau-Mobilier belge, arts précieux
Bureau de dame
Henry van de Velde



Bureau à cylindre
Bureau à cylindre
Jean-Henri Riesener

Fall-Front Secretary
David de Loose
around 1780

Secretary (secrétaire à abattant), 1783
Jean-Henri Riesener (French, 1734–1806)

Secretaire French (Paris) about 1785 attributed to Jean-Henri Riesener oak veneered with amaranth and ebony

Revolution to Empire
Secretary with Safe
Paolo Moschini

A Museum Quality Louis XVI style gilt bronze mounted amboyna inlaid mahogany Bonheur du jour by Henri Dasson.
Signed and dated 1872.

-------------------Письменные столы-----------------------

Столик для письма и чтения
CARLIN, Martin
Combined work, writing and reading table

Writing desk.
Venice, Italy, ca. 1760.

Writing desk.
Venice, Italy, ca. 1760.
Wood, paint, gilt, gilt bronze.
Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Charles Cressent
Bureau plat
Charles Cressent
around 1740

French, Paris, after 1692 - about 1700
Oak, fir, cherry, beech and walnut; veneered with brass, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl, pewter, copper, ebony, and painted and unpainted horn; painted paper silvered bronze mounts, steel key


Coin cabinet by Francesco Grandi signed and dated 1892. in ebony and engraved ivory; Museum of Intarsia, Sorrento

Part of a pair of cabinets on stands in the style of 17th century Italian cabinets. The carcase is veneered in ebony, with panels of boulle marquetry in a design of floral arabesques. The doors open to reveal inner compartments decorated with lapis lazuli, agates and engraved ivory.
Monbro won a medal at the 1855

Room from the Hôtel de Varengeville, Paris
The Hôtel de Varengeville, at 217, boulevard Saint-Germain, was built in 1704 by the architect Jacques Gabriel (1667-1742) for Charlotte-Angélique Courtin, the widowed comtesse de Varengeville.

Château de Valençay Indre Val de Loire Berry France 19 век



Château de Valençay Indre Val de Loire Berry France

Миниатюрные кабинеты-часы

Jewel cabinet incorporating a watch, possibly before 1766
Signed by James Cox (English, ca. 1723–1800)
Agate, mounted in gilded copper and gilded brass and set with painted enamel plaques, and fruitwood

Miniature secretary incorporating a watch, ca. 1766–72, Signed by James Cox (English), Case: agate, with gold mounts, gilded brass, pearls, and paste jewels set in silver; dial: white enamel


Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681)
Woman Writing a Letter
Oil on wood, 1655

Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681)
Officer Writing a Letter
Oil on canvas

William Michael Harnett (1848-1892)
Still Life Writing Table
Oil on canvas, 1877
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia

CHARDIN, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon
A Child with a Teetotum
Oil on canvas, 67 x 76 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris

ENDER, Johann
Woman at her Writing Desk
Museen der Stadt, Vienna

MIERIS, Frans van, the Elder
Woman Writing a Letter
Oil on panel, 25 x 20 cm

VERMEER, Johannes
Lady with Her Maidservant Holding a Letter
c. 1667
Oil on canvas

REMPS, Domenico
Cabinet of Curiosities
Oil on canvas
Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Florence
А это- кабинет разных редкостей, они были очень распространены- так возникли домашние музеи, но о них - отдельный рассказ.

Много красивейших и уникальных старинных кабинетов и бюро:
Драгоценные письменные принадлежности:http://marinni.livejournal.com/322880.html


Мария-Антуаннетта-http://allerleiten.livejournal.com/676840.html?view=365800- спасибо

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2009-09-01 10:34 (ссылка)
А что за бюро марии Лещинской 1790г ? она умерла в 1768.

(Ответить) (Ветвь дискуссии)

2009-09-01 11:03 (ссылка)
Могли напутать- хотя я на музейном сайте картинку брала. http://www.worldvisitguide.com/recherche/?mot=Bureau

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