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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2009-11-11 16:47:00

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Гротескные орнаменты и каллиграфические картинки

Гротескные орнаменты и каллиграфические картинки

Гротескный орнамент
Nicasius Roussel-1644

----------------Гротескный орнамент--------------------
------------------Nicasius Roussel-1644--------------------------

------------------Каллиграфические картинки---------------------

A broadside on Joos van Trappen, called Bankert; with an engraving by Looff after Prestre showing a portrait of van Trappen in an oval, at the sides two allegorical figures constructed from caligraphic florishes; with engraved inscriptions, title, and calligraphic text by Berch in two columns and ornamental border. ([Middelburg(?)]; 1629)

Copy-sheet with calligraphic design of Queen Anne and Prince George of Denmark, with the royal arms and a battleship and numerous flourishes
Engraving completed with pen and ink by one John Cooke, 14 December 1717

A broadside glorifying Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange; with a late impression of an engraving of 1629 by Looff after Prestre showing the prince in a triumphal car crowned with a wreath by an angel, the car driven by a figure of Victory and pulled by two horses, in the sky a flying figure of Fama with two trumpets; with engraved title, inscriptions, calligraphic verses by de Brune in two columns and ornamental border. (Amsterdam, Ewouts: [ca1687])


Chaloner Smith 91
An Account of the Election and Return of Thomas Coster Esqr.

Location: Broadsides British 1735 Imp

Просто понравилась

Drawn by Albrecht Dürer
Portrait of a peasant woman; head and shoulders turned almost to front, her eyes slightly lowered, smiling, wearing a cloth wrapped around her head. 1505
Pen and brown ink and brown wash

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