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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2010-01-03 20:55:00

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Master of the Housebook. 15 век

Master of the Housebook. 15 век

Master of the Housebook
[German Northern Renaissance Painter, 15th Century]
• Also known as: Master of Hausbuch
Meister des Hausbuches

After Master of the Housebook
The lovers; the couple sits on a bank under an arch of winding foliage; the lady to the left holds a little dog, a pot with flowers is placed to the left; a water basin with an ewer of wine in the right foreground. c. 1490

St Christopher; the giant carrying the Child with orb through the water; in the background to the right stands the hermit with lantern on the shore; a fish, a mermaid and two fighting tritons are depicted in the water. c. 1500

Print made by Master of the Housebook

Master of the Housebook (After); Israhel van Meckenem (Print made by); The ill-matched couple (young woman and old man);

The ill-matched couple (young man and old woman); a young man to the right embraces the elderly woman to the left and puts his hand on her sack of coins; two banderoles without text above; fourth state. c. 1480-90

Master of the Housebook (Print made by); St George; the knight on horseback pierces the dragon below with his lance

Master of the Housebook (Print made by); The girl with the coat of arms with letters

Master of the Housebook (Print made by); Solomon's idolatry; the king kneels to the left, facing the column with the idol on top

Master of the Housebook (Print made by); Three living and three dead kings; to the left are three kings on horseback

Master of the Housebook (After); Israhel van Meckenem (Print made by); Coat of arms with a lion;

A fighting cock facing a chained monkey, one of 179 drawings formerly in the 1637 album. c.1480-90

Coat of arms with tumbling boy; on top of the shield is a helmet with crest above which a woman rides on a poor man's back, holding a mandrel in her hand; second state. c. 1485

After Master of the Housebook
1470-1490 (c.)
Schools /Styles
German (scope note | all objects)
Combat of two wild men on horseback; decorated with ornamental foliage; first state. c. 1480

Aristotle and Phyllis
c. 1485
Dry point, diameter 155 mm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

St Sebastian with Archers
Drypoint (unique impression), 129 x 192 mm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Standing Couple
c. 1480
Drawing, 19,5 x 13,5 cm
Staatliche Museen, Berlin

The Holy Family with the Rose-bush
c. 1490
Drypoint (unique impression), 142 x 115 mm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Woman with Two Children and a Blank Shield
about 1475–80
Master of the Housebook (Master of the Amsterdam Cabinet), German or Netherlandish, active in last quarter of 15th century

Bearded Man with Blank Shield
about 1475–80

The Children of Mercury
Fьrsten zu Waldburg-Wolfegg, Schloss Wolfegg

Master of the Housebook
Two Peasants Fighting, c. 1475/1480
Rosenwald Collection




Die Auferstehung Christi;

Tempera auf Holz ;


The Last Supper
Oak panel, 131 x 76 cm
Staatliche Museen, Berlin

Coronation of Mary
Wood, 39 x 25 cm
Alte Pinakothek, Munich

The Lamentation of Christ
Panel, 131 x 171 cm
Gemäldegalerie, Dresden





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