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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2010-01-08 19:36:00

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Семь актов милосердия.Циклы гравюр.

Семь актов милосердия- 7 acts of mercy
.Гравюры.16-18 век

----------------------After Georg Pencz -1534-1600--------------

After Georg Pencz

Visiting prisoners; reverse copy after Pencz (Hollstein 74); Christ in the stocks at right; a female figure and two males visiting him in his cell; from a series of seven roundels with Christ experiencing the acts of mercy.

The seven acts of mercy; Georg Pencz (After); Clothing the naked; reverse copy after Pencz (Hollstein 72);

The seven acts of mercy; Georg Pencz (After); Burying the dead; reverse copy after Pencz

The seven acts of mercy; Georg Pencz (Print made by); Burying the dead; a body with shrouded face being lowered into a grave dug in the ground

The seven acts of mercy; Georg Pencz (Print made by); Sheltering strangers; Christ dressed as a pilgrim at left being shown into a house

Feeding the hungry; reverse copy after Pencz (Hollstein 69); Christ seated at a table at r; a male figure bringing him food, another pouring water into a glass at left; from a series of seven roundels with Christ experiencing the acts of mercy.

Visiting the sick; Christ on a sickbed at right; a female figure at centre feeding him with a spoon; two male figures at left; from a series of seven roundels with Christ experiencing the acts of mercy. c.1534

Sheltering strangers; reverse copy after Pencz (Hollstein 71); Christ dressed as a pilgrim at right being shown into a house by a female figure standing at centre and a male figure at left; from a series of seven roundels with Christ experiencing the acts of mercy.

The seven acts of mercy; Georg Pencz (After); Giving drink to the thirsty;

-------------------------Nicolas de Mathonière-1610-1625---------------

Published by Nicolas de Mathonière

Nicolas de Mathonière (Published by); Visiting the imprisoned
Published by Nicolas de Mathonière
Visiting the imprisoned: in the foreground, noble couple and two servants bringing food to two men put in the stocks; in the background, angels freeing saints from prison

Visiting the sick: in the foreground, noble couple visiting a sick man lying in bed; in the background, a rider giving a poor man a drink, and three holy men visiting a woman confined in her bed

Feeding the hungry: in the foreground, a noble couple standing next to a basket filled with bread; on the left, country men sitting at a table and eating; in the background, the last supper, set in a house; further in the distance, men embarking a ship

Sheltering strangers: in the foreground, nobleman inviting three beggars to enter his house; in the background, scenes showing people welcoming holy figures into their house

Burying the dead: in the foreground, men in cloak attending the burial of a man; in the background, entombment of Christ

Clothing the naked: in the foreground, a noble man charging his servant to clothe a poor family; in the background, death of the Virgin (?) set in a house, and St John preaching to a crowd
----------------------Les Oeuvres de miséricorde (Acts of Mercy) -------

-----------------Print made by Abraham Bosse -1635 (?)-------------------

Feeding the hungry; a woman giving bread to the poor, with a noble couple watching them on the right and an Italian garden in the background. 1635 (?)

Burial of the dead; a procession of clergymen crossing a square, with monks carrying a coffin, followed by men in mourning clothes. 1635

Caring for the sick; three hooded women and a man visiting a sick man lying in a bed are welcomed by his family. 1635 (?)

Dressing the naked; two pages distributing clothes to the poor under a portico. 1635 (?)

Visiting prisoners;

Relieving the thirsty; pages giving water to the poor, a servant filling a jug at a fountain on the left and a noble woman with a fan watching. 1635 (?)

Offering hospitality to pilgrims; a woman and an old man offering hospitality to pilgrims, one with a turban, another with a wooden leg and the last two wearing the scallop shell of St James. 1635 (?)

---------------------Crispijn de Passe the elder ----------------

-----------------------------After Marten de Vos ----1590-1637-----------------

Giving the thirsty to drink
a man pouring drinks to people from a large flask; to left, a woman gives to drink from a jar to a child held by a man; other people seen drinking in the background, with Renaissance buildings seen on either sides; framed with an ornamental border with a scene of wine production, vines and a wine press; a cartouche inscribed in Latin seen below image; after Vos

The feeding of the Hungry; an old man distributing loafs of bread, kept in a large basket, to the needy, including a a woman with children; behind, to left, a woman hands out bowls of soup to children; an ornamental border, exemplifying breadmaking and agriculture, showing related tools, bundels of wheat and baking utensil; a cartouche inscribed in Latin seen below image; after de Vos

Sheltering strangers; a couple greet a family on a pilgrimage and invite them to stay; to right, a building seen in prospective and Jesus reclined at a window; beyond, to left, a church with pilgrims greeted by a nun; with an ornamental border with three figures seated before a fire and cooking utensils; after Maarten de Vos

Clothing the naked; in a clothing shop, to right, a man and assistants behind a counter, providing clothes to the poor; Jesus seen behind; to left, more people clothing children; buildings seen in the background; framed with an ornamental border with tools and scenes related to wool and cloth production; a cartouche inscribed in Latin seen below image; after Vos.

Visiting the sick; scene in an infirmary; to right, in the foreground, a nurse attending two sick men; to left, a man helping a woman with two small children; behind more nurses with patients, Jesus seen behind them; to right, seen from a distance, a physician inspecting a pipette with two sick patients liying in bed nearby; with an ornamental frame with with a physician holding a pipette and various objects related to the medical profession; below a cartouche inscribed in Latin.

Visiting the prisoners; to right, a man paying a porter in order to release a prisoner; Jesus is seen behind him; to left, a prisoner seated on the floor with his hands tied back, others in a corridor, seen in perspective; with ornamental frame with a torture scene and various objects, relating to prisons, including armoury, a ladder and a rat; cartouche inscribed in Latin below.

Burying the dead; a city landscape; in the foreground, men burying corpses, with two mourning women seen to right, Jesus seen behind them; more grave diggers behind; with an ornamental frame with tools related to grave-digging and death, including an owl and a bat; a cartouche inscribed in Latin below image; after De Vos.

The Last Judgment; angels and monsters in borderplate; from a set of eight plates after Maarten de Vos, in ornamental border exemplifying crafts and their tools; except the first sheet, each with two lines Latin in cartouche below

---------------------Sébastien Bourdon -1660-1671------------

Seven acts of mercy / Aegros curare
Visit the sick: David praying for his people struck by the plague. c.1660/70
Print made by Sébastien Bourdon

Clothe the naked: Job, sitting under a canopy on the right, orders his servants to distribute clothes and to give alms to the poor. c.1660/70

Shelter the homeless: Lot and his wife welcoming the angels in their house with, in the middle, a servant washing the feet of one of the angels, and Lot's aughters standing on the left. c.1660/70

Give drink to the thirsty: Obadiah, standing on the right, giving drinks to the prophets persecuted by Jezabel. c.1660/70

Bury the dead: Tobias, standing on the left, is ordering to bury the bodies of the men killed by Sennacherib c.1660/70

Comfort the imprisoned: general Nabuzardan ordering to free Jeremiah from his chains, while in the background, soldiers are taking prisoners and treasures from the Temple away with them. c.1660/70

----------------François Hutin -1701-1758-----------------------

Feeding the hungry and giving alms: two figures standing on platform and giving alms to poor people gathered on the right; with classical buildings in the background

Burying the dead: night scene with Tobit burying the dead; two men are carrying a dead man and are about to put it in a tomb; behind them, two men carrying another dead body on a shaft; in the background, more dead bodies are brought by people climbing down some stairs

Visiting the imprisoned

Giving the thirsty to drink

Sheltering strangers

Clothing the naked: classical setting, with, on the right, servants of a noble woman distributing clothes to poor women

Print made by François Hutin
Visiting the sick: on the left a woman feeding a sick woman; on the right, two people supporting another ailing woman; on a square with classical buildings in the background

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2010-01-08 14:22 (ссылка)
мне особенно нравится акт милосердия к закованному в деревянную мебель - придти и почесать ему пятки


2010-01-09 08:36 (ссылка)
Очень важные идеи.
Было хорошо узнать, что это за традиция, откуда взялась, где сохранялась?

(Ответить) (Ветвь дискуссии)

2010-01-09 08:48 (ссылка)
В Рунете я ничего на эту тему не нашла- даже странно. А в западном искусстве- много и картин, и гравюр:http://www.artcyclopedia.com/scripts/tsearch.pl?t=seven+acts+of+mercy&type=2

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

2010-01-09 09:02 (ссылка)
Большое спасибо. Особенно интересны гравюры, на которых страдалец изображен в виде Христа.
Очень интересно узнать хронологию.

(Ответить) (Уровень выше)

2010-01-09 09:12 (ссылка)
Из Вашей подборки самый ранний мастер, если не ошибаюсь, Георг Пенц. Ученик Дюрера. Есть ли этот сюжет у него?

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

2010-01-09 09:33 (ссылка)
Вот все, что есть- самая большая коллекция на эту тему.

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

2010-01-09 09:47 (ссылка)
Очень признателен!

(Ответить) (Уровень выше)