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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2010-03-29 16:56:00

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Старинные веера.Часть 3.

Старинные веера.Antique fans.18-19 век.

Веер "Лиса" по мотивам басен Эзопа.

В основном, в этом посте веера из перламутра, слоновой кости и черепахи, а также бальные блокноты "карне" в форме веера.

---------------Веера с перламутром-----

19th century Honiton and Mother-of-pearl fan.


A beautiful large and elegant fan, perfect for a bride, this one has guards and sticks of brilliant lustre mother of pearl and the leaf is a perfectly stunning hand made lace masterpiece in creamy ecru color. Entirely hand made, the fan hails from France and dates to mid-1800s.

Mother of Pearl Fan, Kensington Palace.


Mother Of Pearl Gilt Scenic Cased Fan 18c

A stunning fan, perfect for the collector, this one has guards and sticks of fine gilt decorated and perforated shimmer, and creamy ground with Romance era palette in the hand painted courting scene, c.1820-50 mother of pearl of fine high lustre and color to rainbow effect, echoes the colors in teh hand painted leaf. Entirely hand made, the fan hails from France and dates early to mid-1800s.


a 19th century Mother-of-Pearl fan. The leaf is decorated with an interior scene showing two couples sitting around a table reading papers after a meal.


Катание на коньках-
an unusual 19th century cluote Mother-of-Pearl fan signed "A Censier"? and on the guard stick marked "Geslin a Paris". The leaf is decorated with a winter scene and people skiing


a fine 19th century Mother-of-Pearl fan with a scene of people gathering grapes and also eating them at the same time

Antique Hand Woven Filet Work Gilt Fan

Antique Folding Fan Hand Painted On Vellum Signed Duvelleroy 1870


------------------Слоновая кость------------------

a 19th century fan showing three ladies and a gentleman with a small dog .The gardens are also very beautiful. The sticks are of carved and pierced bone. The reverse shows a painting on vellum of a rural scene.


a fine 18th century fan. The leaf is beautiful painted with a scene of people playing cards in a garden with a castle in the background. The other side of the fan is also beautifully painted with romantic scenes

18th century fan
The leaf represents a Biblical scene and the ivory sticks are finely carved.

a fine 18th century fan. The ivory sticks are finely carved with cameos decorated in gilt. The guard sticks are carved and pierced and decorated with musicians birds etc. The leaf is similarly decorated. It measures: 29cms. Condition: the third sticks from the left has very small piece missing (see photo) and one very small hole on the right-hand side near the guard stick.

an 18th century painted and carved ivory fan. The leaf is beautifully painted with classical figures and the ivory sticks are carved with dancing figures playing musical instruments

an early 19th century fan with bone sticks and the leaf bears a romantic scene to both sides.

----------------Лиса из басен Эзопа-----------------------

Antique Dieppe Carved Ivory Fan, French - Aesop's Foxes

The silk tassle and woven knot that serves to hold the fan in closed position is in fine condition, and the fan sticks and guards are all pristine - not a nip or chip or hairline or crack, and no stains to diminish either your enjoyment or the value of this exquisite mid-1800s treasure.

==============Слоновая кость=================

An Exquisite 18th Century Vernis Martin Ivory Fan. Finely painted, this Vernis Martin fan, ivory in its entirety, features an elaborate detailed hand painting of a social gathering with a glorious landscape verso.


Fan And Fan Case, 19th Century France


French Fan 18th century, Louis XVI, of the period. A splendid fan in extremely fine condition, with highly detailed hand stitched sequins, spangles and hand set paste stones. enhanced by painted elements on a subtle creamy beige or ecru silk fabric with lace accents.

The spines or fan ribs are precious hand carved blonde tortoise shell, a perfect compliment to the elegant details of the fan.


Antique French Palais Royal Fan, Gilted Tortoise Shell, Original Box - Tortoiseshell. 1800

Antique French Tortoiseshell, Silver, Lace Fan
. This is quite an elegant fan dating from 1880. Hand-made lace of floral decoration upon black tulle spread across the tortoise shell sticks and guards. T

FRENCH FAN AND FAN CASE, EARLY 19th century, an incredible find, signed by the artist Martinel
The hand painted portrait cavetto is signed by the fan's artist,Martinel, a famous maker of fans in 19th century Paris, with a few subtle variations from the original miniature painting by Compte-Caylix.


a small and most decorative Grand Tour Fan dating from around 1800. The leaf is painted on chicken skin with a grand view

=====================Разные веера====================

Superb Antique Fan, Bone and HP Silk, w aquarelle, sequins

delicately worked fan from the hand painted garlands of flowers to the addition of thousands of sequins, this one has guards and sticks of fine gilt decorated and painted cow bone (note long striations in the material which is consistent with bone), and creamy ground silk leaf with Romance era palette in the hand painted garden & garland French Empire theme, complete with crossed arrows, c.1810-30.

Painted Silk Fan

Antique French Hand-painted Fan And Casket 19c
An elegant and beautiful antique hand painted ladies fan - artist signed, including its black laquer box or casket.


a late 19th early 20th century signed and painted fan. The sticks are in carved and painted bone the leaf decorated with a romantic scene.



Antique French Fan, Silk, MOP, Sequins, Pique

------------------бальные блокноты --------------

Сюда записывали очередь партнеров по танцам.

Блокнот для бала в форме веера.
1860 French Tortoise Shell Carnet Bal Dance card in the shape of a fan with 14 karat gold center cartouche and gold stars.

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Palais Royal Carved Mother Of Pearl Aid Memoire Carnet Bal

Викторианский блокнот-книжка с карандашом.

Elegant Victorian gilded silver enameled ball book with pencil. before the beginning of the ball, all dances were laid down and women promised their admirers a specific dance (“save the last dance for me”). One can imagine the importance of a keeping such promise and women used little precious accessories like this one to write the names of the lucky chaps. 1870


Antique Austrian Enamel Brooch, Putti, 14K Gold Fan
Dates mid to late 1800s

Подвеска в форме веера
An ivory tableau, intricately carved in relief, is surrounded by solid brass worked in a fan shaped pattern.
Designed By Marlene Harris



Фарфоровый поднос-сет в форме веера и бинокля(для специй или чернил)

Antique French Porcelain Tray in the form of a fan with opera glasses.

The "sticks" to the fan are emphasized in raised detail as well as the gold tassel.
They are removable and so I thought perhaps this also could be a desk set.
Part 2-Here-ТУТ
All posts about fans-Here

В связи с тем, что оба моих поста про веера (а также кубки-наутилусы, табакерки, драгоценную утварь и многое другое)- размножили в ЛиРУ в диком количестве без единой ссылки, даже на музеи и сайты поленились линки дать- считаю это воровством и Лирушникам- не френдам пользоваться постами без спроса не разрешаю. Если надо- пишите, нет проблем.


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2010-03-30 06:14 (ссылка)
"эзоповский" просто фантастика!
А птица из предыдущего из головы просто не выходит, я ее к стольким образам примерила!


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