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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2010-04-02 14:11:00

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Cristofano Robetta (1462 - 1534)

Cristofano Robetta (1462 - 1534)

Hercules and Antaeus

Allegory of Love.1520s

Cristofano Robetta-Cristofano di Michele Martini
; Robetta, Cristofaro; Cristofaro di Girolamo del Rucchetta-Florentine goldsmith and engraver.

Allegory of Mother Earth; female semi-naked figure, accompanied by four children. c.1500-20

Allegory of Envy; in the centre an old woman with sagging breasts flanked by two couples of lovers embracing; a child holding a bird sitting on the ground; in the right background a turreted town. c.1500-20

Faith and Charity; on the left a semi-naked woman holding a chalice and a cross and sitting on the right a naked woman wearing a diadem, accompanied by two children, one of them sitting on her lap and holding a bird; signed lower right centre: 'RTBA'. c.1520-35

Two Muses, after Filippino Lippi; standing on each side of a pedestal surmounted by a lyre and a flaming vase; the figure on the right trampling on a mask located next to a sphinx; the figure on the left holding a mask; signed lower centre: 'RBTA'. c.1500-20


Ceres; goddess, walking in a landscape and holding a cornucopia, with an infant satyr in her arms and another little satyr clinging to her left side; signed lower left centre: 'RBTALE' (the two last letters added in pen and ink). c.1500-20

Hercules and Antaeus; Hercules, nude except for the lion's skin, grasping Antaeus round the waist and lifting him off the ground; a child sitting in the right foreground, after Antonio Pollaiuolo. c.1500-20

Hercules and the Hydra, after Antonio Pollaiuolo; Hercules, nude except for the lion's skin, attacking the many-headed monster beside him with a burning torch; a cave in the left background; a hawk pouncing on a heron in mid-air; signed lower centre: 'RBTA'. c.1500-20

Mucius Scaevola; whole-length male standing at centre with hand held over a flaming brazier, flanked by a soldier in armour and three standard bearers, clouds above; signed lower centre: 'RBTA'. c.1500-20

The Flight into Egypt, after Martin Schongauer; the Virgin on a donkey with the Child in her arms, St Joseph grasping some fruit from a palm tree aided by angels; in the right background a turreted town. c.1495-1500

The Resurrection; in the centre, Christ rising from the sarcophagus and holding in his left hand a banner decorated with a cross, with a cherub beneath him. c.1500-20

The Virgin and Child with St John the Baptist and three Angels; the Christ Child is sitting on the Virgin's lap and embracing the infant Baptist who is to the right and seen from behind; they are flanked by three angels, two of them on the left c.1500-1520

Christ and the Woman of Samaria; conversing before a well and surrounded by a group of onlookers; in the right background a turreted town; signed lower centre: 'RBTA'. c.1500-20
Engraving with additions in pen and black ink

The Baptism of Christ; St John the Baptist pouring water over Christ in the river, flanked by two angels holding drapery on the right and by two bathers on the left God the Father and a cherub above surrounded by four angels; signed lower centre: 'RBTA'. c.1500-1520

The Virgin and Child with a bird; Virgin sitting on the ground and holding a bird with Christ Child on her lap; signed lower centre: 'RBTA'. c.1520-1535

St Francesca Romana; standing within a hilly landscape and reading a book; on the right an angel with arms folded across his chest; the sun and moon at the top corners; signed lower right: 'RBTA'; inscribed lower border: 'LABEATA FRANCESCA ROMANA'. c.1495-1500

The Virgin and Child with St Sebastian and Mary Magdalene; the Virgin standing with the Christ Child in her arms, flanked on the left by St Sebastian who is holding two arrows and on the right by Mary Magdalene. c.1500-10

Adoration of the Magi, after Filippino Lippi; the Virgin, in the centre sitting in the stable, with the Christ Child on her lap, holding one of the Magi's gifts, and St Joseph behind. c.1500-1510

---------------Библейские персонажи------------

The Sacrifice of Cain and Abel; in the centre a burnt altar flanked on the left by Abel who is offering a lamb and on the right by Cain. c.1495-1500

God speaking to Cain; Cain stands in the foreground speaking with God the Father, descending from the sky; in the left background the dead body of Abel lies on the ground. c.1495-1500

Adam and Eve with their children; Adam sitting on a rock, with a hoe near him and holding his head in his left hand; Cain, at his feet, holding a bird in his left hand; Eve, holding a distaff, and Abel standing on r; in the left background the distant naked figures of Adam and Eve; signed lower centre: 'RBTA'. c.1498-1500


Allegory of Carnal Love; in the centre a man, embracing a semi-naked woman, being bound to a tree by Cupid; on the right a couple of lovers accompanied by a putto trampling on a skull; on the left a semi-naked man with vines encircling his thighs and a putto holding two poppy blossoms; signed: 'ROBETA' on a tablet hanging from a tree at upper right. after 1535 (?)

Allegory of Love
Cristofano di Michele Martini 1520s
Allegory of Love