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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2010-05-28 15:51:00

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Бои, охота и рыбалка-1560-1590 г. Часть 2.

Бои, охота и рыбалка-1560-1590 г.

Venationes Ferarum, Avium, Piscium
Philips Galle,Jan Collaert II и Carel van Mallery аfter Jan van der Straet

моряки и морские чудовища

охота на сатира с копьями и стрелами

Поединки с медведями.


римский воин, вооруженный мечом и щитом, обрубает хобот слона, захваченного во время боя с Ганнибалом
a Roman soldier, armed with a sword and shield, cuts off the trunk of an elephant, captured during a battle with Hannibal; the rest of the arena is littered with the bodies of men previously overcome by the elephant, to far left and r, spectators watch the contest from a balcony

Рыбалка с сетями; на переднем плане, в центре, Диана, держа оливковую ветвь, с полумесяцем на лбу, сидя на камне возле речного бога покоится на рога изобилия и амфоры
fishing with drag net and mallet; in the foreground, centre, Diana, holding an olive branch with a crescent moon on her forehead, seated on a rock beside a river god resting on a cornucopia and an amphora, to left and r, men wade in a river with nets and mallets; beyond, two hills, either side of a bridge

Сбор кораллов
men dive from two fishing boats to collect coral; to far r, port and town visible beyond

Рыбалка во Флоренции
men fish from boats with nets on the river Arno; city of Florence visible to left and r; in the foreground, to left, a river God holding a cornucopia, seated on a lion, representing Florence
Бог реки Арно держит рог изобилия, сидя на льве, представляющем Флоренцию.

рыбаки собирают с поверхности моря битум или нефть(?) губками
three boats, fishermen collect bitumen from the surface of the sea using sponges; to far left, coastline of Sicliy with fortified buildings; to far r, ships at sea

Китовая охота
whale hunt by the Emperor Claudius at Ostia; centre, the whale, surrounded by boats, sinks one vessel with rowers and a spearsman on board; in the foreground, a group of spectators watch from the curved walkway that juts out into the port and encloses the hunt; to far left, the emperor watches the event

oyster fishing; in the foreground, to right, two boats of men fish for oysters with nets; on the shore, three men wash the oysters; to far left; the same activities carried out on the other side of the bay

Fishing for tuna; to left, fishermen catch the tuna using nets and tridents; to right, the catch is laid out on the shore; beyond, town visible

Охота на выдр с трезубцем
Otter hunt; in the foreground, man holding a trident, standing on a river bank, viewed from behind; centre, men on boats hunt otters with the aid of dogs; beyond, bridge and town visible to right

моряки звонят в колокола- морские чудовища выходят из воды
sailors ring the bells which hang from either end of a ship; in the foreground, sea monsters emerge from the water; beyond, two ships with their sails raised

Охота с совами
bird hunt with owls; in the foreground, to left, four figures collect the small birds in a basket; to right, three men, camoflaged by leaves, each hold a pair of tongs beneath an owl tied to a post, small birds land on these and become trapped

Соколиная охота и зрители-
две дамы сидят под зонтиком

falconry; to far left, falcons attack herons; in foreground, to right, a group of falconers, including one female, gather by a bridge; in the distance, two ladies sit under a parasol and spectate, town visible beyond

Охота на скворцов

Американские индейцы охотятся на гусей
American Indians hunt geese; centre, the hunstmen submerge themselves in the water wearing hats which protrude from the surface, upon which the geese land; in the foreground, the dead geese are brought ashore

Охотнык удаляет вальдшнепа из ловушки
in the foreground, a hunstman removes a woodcock from a snare, by a stream; to left, two men pass the catch to a woman with a basket; to right, two men adjust a net, upon which several woodcocks are ensnared; town and a windmill in distance

соколиная охота
falconry; to far left, falcons attack herons; in foreground, to right, a group of falconers, including one female, gather by a bridge; in the distance, two ladies sit under a parasol and spectate, town visible beyond

Охота на перепелов
a woman, a man and a child seated behind a tree, the adults hold quail pipes, next to the child is a basket of quails; to right, quails caught under nets placed over the fields, to far left, three large buildings

Птиц прикармливают, чтобы клювы попались в конусы
three huntsmen conceal themselves behind a cluster of trees; to left, cranes land to feed and their beaks become entrapped in the cones, deliberately placed within the ground by the huntsmen

аисты в борьбе со змеями
storks fight snakes; to right, two men, armed with a spear and two daggers, watch from behind a tree; beyond, storks nest on the chimmeys of a building; to far left, three men on a bridge watch the fight; a town visible in the distance

Утиная охота
duck hunt; in the foreground, to left, four hunstman, armed with shotguns, accompanied by two dogs; to far r, ducks swim in a river; in the middle distance, two men close a net over a group of ducks; several towns visible in distance

Ловля зябликов
Finch hunt: centre, two men, concealed behind a shelter, catch finches using nets and a rope, beyond, a wagon carries people towards a town; in the forefront, to left, a man and a child, viewed from behind; to right, a man carries dead finches across a bridge, a couple stand on the other side of the stream

Охота на куропаток, двое охотников в чучеле быка
partridge hunt; in the foreground, centre, a man, approaches a group of partridges, concealed by two men dressed as an ox, to right, three hunstmen kneel behind a tree; in the middle distance, two men trap a bird with a net; town visible beyond

Возвращение с охоты
a man and a boy return from a bird hunt and present the catch to a male attendant in the presence of two seated women; to far left, figures stand near the colonnade of a classical villa; beyond, two women walk under a parasol, a large house in the distance

Борьба между пигмеями и птицами
fight between pygmees and cranes; in the foreground, the cranes guard their eggs; from the left, the pygmees, riding on rams and armed with spears and arrows, confront the cranes, which fly down from the right, beyond, some of the pygmees retreat into mountain caves


группа диких кабанов

boar hunt with shotgun; in the foreground, a man leans against the trunk of a tree with a shotgun; to right, dead boars are strapped to the back of a donkey; to far r, a boar is shot; to far left, two men with spears and dogs approach

a boar is cornered by two dogs and four hunstmen; behind, other boars are being driven by the dogs from four directions towards a pit, where they become

in the foreground, a large boar is surrounded by men with spears and attacked by dogs, to left, a boar is speared; behind, a boar chase is in progress


Охота на оленей- за охотниками в чучеле быка тоже прячется стрелок.
In the foreground, two men with shotguns hunt deer, beyond to right; a camoflage is provided by a man dressed as an ox, the group are surrounded by live oxen; to far left, a man sits on the back of a horse driven wagon

deer hunt with dogs tracking; in the middle distance huntsmen approach from left to right; in the foreground, to right, dogs try to pick up the scent of a deer; to left, a deer is suspended from the branch of a tree by its antlers; another takes refuge on the back of an ox

two men on horseback attempt to catch a stag and a female deer with ropes; to right, two deer are pursued using the same method; another horseman approaches from the far left

Deer hunt with nets and rope; to far left, two hunters approach on horseback; in the foreground, hunters with spears and a pack of hounds drive the deer into the nets

men on horseback, armed with spears, chase a stag with a pack of hounds; to left, a hunter on foot confronts a stag; beyond, another chase in progress

------------------------Разные животные----------------

Охота на волков

Охота на волков
Wolf hunt: to left, a man on horseback lures the wolves by dragging a dead ram along the ground, attached to the horse's tail; to far left, a huntsman conceals himself in a tree, armed with a shotgun; to right, a wolf hangs suspended from a trap, two others approach the bait on the ground

in the foreground, three men in full armour attack a group of bears with daggers; beyond, two groups of men with spears approach

Охота на дикообразов
Porcupine hunt: hunstmen use shovels and rakes to unearth porcupines, which are then trapped in nets; others, armed with axes, kill the prey

на переднем плане, охотник использует лопату, чтобы раскопать барсуков
Badger hunt: in the foreground, a huntsman uses a shovel to unearth the badgers, two men attack them with rocks and an axe, dogs aid the hunt; to far r, a man loads a donkey with the kill; beyond, the hunt extends over two slopes

ibex hunt; in the foreground, a group of hunters rest, beside them lie three dead ibices; beyond, dogs chase ibices in a mountainous terrain, to left, a man drives a donkey over a bridge, with ibices strung across its back

men, armed with spears, and dogs chase gazelles up a cliff; to right, on the opposite side of the ravine, in the foreground, a group of men rest and adjust their climbing shoes, a donkey carries supplies; beyond, men with spears force the gazelles to jump from the cliff, town visible in the distance

Охота на быков
bull fight; in the forefront, a man is trampled by a bull, to left, a bull fighter spears the same animal between the horns, dogs join the fight; behind, similiar confrontations in progress, swordsmen attack the bulls from behind barrels; a crowd gathers in the distance


Змеи на болотах
a group of men and dogs hunt snakes in a marshy landscape with two-pronged forks; in the foreground, the snakes feed on toads; in the distance, classical ruins

Пчеловодство: , человек на лестнице использует нож, чтобы соскоблить пчел из ствола дерева в улей
Bee keeping: centre, a man on a ladder uses a knife to scrape bees from the trunk of a tree into a hive, another figure supports the base of the ladder; to left, three figures, two beating pans with sticks, watch a swarm of bees above them; buildings to righ


два человека с большим факелом выгоняют дымом кроликов из норы
Rabbit hunt: in the foreground, to left, two men prepare a large torch to smoke the rabbits out of the warrens, centre, a man prepares to strike with a club, to right, two women and a child; beyond, the rabbits are chased by dogs and targeted with arrows and nets

охота на кроликов с использованием собак и леопардов
hunstmen on horseback, accompanied by men on foot, hunt rabbits using dogs and leopards

Hare hunt: in the foreground, to left, a dog chases a hare into a trap, four men with spears, one on horseback; beyond, dogs and hunstmen pursue hares within a fenced off area

-----------------экзотические животные------------------

король Персии, мужчины на лошадях и свора собак преследуют разные виды животных, включая оленей, кроликов и лис
the King of Persia hunting; men on horseback and a pack of hounds chase a variety of animals, including deer, rabbits and foxes from left to right; to far r, the King and a group of soldiers armed with spears

мужчины со щитами и факелами - охота на львов
in the forefront, to left, three men with shields and torches advance towards three lions; to right, the lions become ensnared in the net; to far left, a group of hunters, two, on horseback, congregate

two men, armed with swords, throw a cloth over the head of a lion; this same trick is carried out by other huntsmen to the left and r; in the forefront, to left, a lion lies overcome; in the distance, a group of huntsmen approach over the ridge of a hill

Охота на страусов
ostrich hunt; men on horseback, armed with spears, hunt from the left and r; centre, the ostriches are chased by hounds within a fenced off area


охота на сатира с копьями и стрелами
the ghost of satyr dances before a tree; centre, male and female Ethiopioans hunt the satyr with spears and arrows; to far r, the satire drinks from a chalice in front of a classical villa; to far left, a group of people come across the satyr asleep at the entrance to a cave

Two dragons are decaptitated by groups of men armed with axes; beyond, a dragon chases two figures; to far left, an elephant and a dragon fight on a river bank, in front of a mountain range

Охота с факелами на гигантских индийских змей, глотающих коз.
giant Indian snakes burn in a pile of vegetation; behind a group of men feed the flammes with torches and attack the snakes with clubs; in the distance, a snake catches sight of two goats from the branch of a tree, to the right, a snake swallows a goat

a group of men, armed with bows and arrows, target four unicorns; centre, a huntsman, carrying a spear, lies flat on the ground before a rearing unicorn; beyond, a river runs alongside a mountain range

Огромный змей в пещере.
to left, a large serpent is trapped in a cave by a net that has been strung across the entrance; the cave is surrounded by troops, several archers aim towards the cave, others blow horns and play drums


Print made by Jan Collaert II
After Jan van der Straet
мужчины умываются, группа обезьян подражает им, одна примеряет обувь.
in the foreground, four men wash their eyes in large bowls of water; to left, a group of monkeys imitate them and one tries on a pair of boots; beyond, men with clubs hunt the monkeys

Monkey hunt: hunstmen armed with bows and arrows, many on horseback, pursue monkeys, some of which find refuge in the trees

Начало,part 1:


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2010-05-28 20:40 (ссылка)
Полагаю, дорогая Marinni, можно обрести удивительно богатый ( и глубокий по времени) урожай в охоте на других морских зверей, скажем, на китов, кашолотов, нарвалов, моржей.
Всегда Ваш, glazo


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