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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2010-11-22 17:53:00

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Генеалогия. Старинные картинки. Часть 1.

Генеалогия. Старинные картинки. Часть 1

Генеалогический венок из волос.

17 век

Печатный лист,"Family Record"-1889год.

---------------Генеалогия Марии----------------

Master W & key
1465-1490 (c.)
Schools /Styles
The genealogical tree of the Virgin; St Anne sits in the lower centre on a throne, with the Virgin and Child before her; on either side stand Aaron and David; above unfolds the tree with the ancestors, most figures are named on banderoles; with defects. c. 1480

made by Anonymous
After Master W & key
1500-1550 (c.)
Schools /Styles
Netherlandish n
The genealogical tree of the Virgin; St Anne sits in the lower centre on a throne, with the Virgin and Child before her; on either side stand Aaron and David; above unfolds the tree, most figures are named on banderoles; with defects and trimmed
-------------------Генеалогия Христа------------

Tree of Jesse; Jesse asleep under a baldachin at centre, with Aaron and three prophets holding scrolls on either side, above are the Virgin and Child and two rows of the twelve kings of Judah, including David
Pen and brown ink, heightened with white, on blue prepared paper
15 век

Michael Willmann
Генеалогия Христа
The Genealogy of Christ; the Virgin and Child seated at upper centre underneath the trinity; at lower centre Abraham and Isaac; various figures from the Old and New Testament at left and r, corresponding to the family tree held by the angel at lower right. 1675
------------------Генеалогия Ноя------------

Illustration to the Universal Magazine; the Tower of Babel rising on the left with workmen ascending its ramp, the genealogical tree of Noah, labelled with the names of various tribes and peoples,emerging from the top of the Ark at the centre, pairs of animals lined up on the right with moutains and a rainbow behind in the background. 1749

-----------------Генеалогия человечества--------------

Генеалогия человечества. 1639
The Tree of Man's Life, or an Emblem declareing the like, and unlike, or various condition of all men in their estate of Creation, birth, life, death, buriall, resurrection, and last Judgement
Allegorical account of the life of man, showing a tree, with its roots and its branches bearing texts from the Bible. after 1639


Schools /Styles
German (?)
The tree of consanguinity; a kings standing on the branches of vine with forty-one roundeds, containing the different terms for degrees of relationship, which are printed with letterpress.


The Genealogical tree of the Dominicans, 1473; St Dominic with a star over his head lies in the grass; from his side proceeds a vine on whose branches sixteen half-length figures of members of the order are.
c. 1473

The genealogical tree of the Dominicans. The Virgin with Christ as child set in a rosary at top, St Peter below them, St Dominic holding a staff and a model of a church at bottom, seven pairs of tree branches growing from his side with half-length figures of members of the order proceeding from the branches; name captions above and inscriptions within cartouches below the monks. 1610


----------------Габсбурги,1540 год-------------------

Древо Габсбургов, там 22 листа
The Genealogical Tree of the House of Habsburg; twenty-two sheets, joined together, commencing with King Pharamundo and terminating with Emperor Charles V, who is seated in a tree at the trunk, his foot resting on a lion; with Spanish text.
Robert Peril
Woodcut coloured using stencils

Albrecht Altdorfer
Fragment of the Triumphal Arch, showing a griffin holding a cross; with colouring and gilding.

A Habsburg Genealogy, from the Historia Frederici III Et Maximiliani I
by Albrecht Altdorfer

Оттомманское древо
A broadside on the genealogy of Ottoman rulers from Othman I to Selim II; with an engraving showing a tree, at the stem and at one branch 13 portrait medallions and nine blank medallions; with engraved title, inscriptions and numbering 1-13, and engraved legend with Italian and Latin texts in two columns. 1570
--------------------James I------------

Genealogical tree of James I in five rows, with James and Anne at the top and Henry VII and Elizabeth at the bottom; in the corners the arms of England and Scotland, and of Lancaster and York.
Print made by Benjamin Wright


Genealogical tree of the English and Scottish royal houses, with James and Anne at the top, and 24 oval portraits of their ancestors connected by tendrils, with two panels of engraved text on either side.


Nicolaas de Bruyn
Broadside with King James I and Queen Anne of Denmark, whole-length, either side of a genealogical tree surmounted with an oval portrait of their eldest son Prince Henry, half-length; flanking the genealogy are two columns with putti atop holding crowns and ribbons connected to Royal arms over the heads of James and Anne. 1604

James VI and I, and Anne of Denmark, standing whole length within arches; family tree in centre, beneath medallion with portrait of Prince Henry.


Print made by Jacques Callot
The family tree of the del Turco family; soldiers riding horses at the bottom; fortified cities representing Florence on the right, and another on the left; coat of arms of the del Turcos on each side of the tree. 1612

17 век

The genealogical tree of the family Barnuevo; knight in armour lying below, his head on a pile of cushions with names of virtues; symbols of evangelists in the corners, heraldry and text framing the tree. c.1612?



Agostino Carracci
Carracci Family Tree; the names in circles attached to branches entwined over a tree, Bologna in the distance beyond
Pen and brown ink

---------------Примеры оформления---------------------

Галле, по рисунку Рубенса- пустая страница с бордюром на библейские темы-
Cornelis Galle I
After Peter Paul Rubens
Decorative border around an empty rectangle, showing the Tree of Jesse with the Virgin with Child at top and Jesse at bottom; after Theodor Galle who engraved after a design by Rubens; illustration to Missale Romanum (1650)

Portrait of Marie de Medici, bust; in an oval hung from her family tree with her progeny sprouting from flowers on the tree branches; Fame and Fortune watering the tree in lower corners; unsigned; after Nicolaas van der Horst; illustration to Pierre Puget de la Serre's "Histoire Curieuse de tout ce qui c'est passé a l'Entree de la Reyne Mere du Roy Treschrestien dans les Villes des Pays Bas" (Antwerp: 1632

--------------Аллегории генеалогии-------------

Bernard Picart
Аллегории- фигуры Истории и Генеалогии, Хронологии и Географии.
Allegorical scene unveiled by Time with, in the middle, a winged figure symbolizing History, sitting with an open book on her knees, and looking at four allegorical figures representing the different part of the world; beside History are Genealogy, who is showing her a family tree, Chronology, who is holding a tablet, Geography, who is working on a map with a pair of compasses, and Memory, who is pointing at philosophers standing on the right
Etching and engraving

Храм Памяти со скульптурами Французских королей.
Bernard Picart
In the Temple of Memory, decorated with statues of French Kings, History writes about the engagement of Louis XV with Maria Anna of Spain, guided by the personification of Truth;illustration (frontispiece?) to Limiers's 'Annales de la monarchie française' (Amsterdam, 1724).

--------------------18 век--------------

Friedrich Bause -но написано'F Boucher'
1780s (c)
Unidentified bookplate (?); a female allegorical figure seated on clouds holding a genealogical tree and pointing to a shield which is decorated with a coat of arms; angel hovering above.
Inscribed in pencil on recto 'F Boucher'; lettered on plate 'J.F.B. f'.


Сатира на Кромвеля, как Антихриста.
A broadside satirising Oliver Cromwell as Antichrist; with a woodcut showing at the top a roundel with a portrait of Cromwell looking to the left, underneath a genealogical tree of his descendants consisting of roundels inscribed with the names of various historic heresies and separatist religious groups including Muggletonians, Arminians, Quakers, Brownists, Anabaptists and Presbyterians.
by John Gerard and Peter Vowell in 1654

A burlesque genealogical tree (the title being his supposed motto: he puts forth leaves through the honour of his ancestors) for John Rolle, M.P. for Devon. 1785'

На Наполеона
The New Dinasty:-or- The Little Corsican Gardiner Planting a Royal-Pippin-Tree.- "All the talents", busy, in clearing the ground of old Timber
James Gillray May 21st 1807 - Article - the Genealogy of the Royal - Race of the King of Ballynahinch - See Morg Post June 17th.' Napoleon and Talleyrand plant the genealogical tree of Lord Moira, inscribed 'Royal Pippin

------------------19 век--------------------

Ступеньки человеческой жизни от колыбели до смерти.
Stages of mans life from the cradle to the grave--the life and age of man / Wm. B. Burford, lith.
Creator(s): Burford, William B., 1846-1927, lithographe
Date Created/Published: Indianapolis : c1883.

Семьи по-прежнему были очень большими, уже во внуках можно было запутаться:

Королева Виктория с семьей.
Her majesty Queen Victoria and the members of the royal family / M.W. Ridley.
1877 July 14.

Для простых людей, не аристократов и крупных буржуа,
нанять художника было недоступно, рисовали сами, даже вышивали.


Вышивка "Family Register"-1827 год.
This elaborate and impressive "Family Register Sampler," 1827, was made by Mary Ann Post at Miss Cornwall's School in Glastonbury, Conn. The 14-year-old recorded significant dates in the family history in an interesting composition.

-------------------19 век-----------------

----------Нарисованные вручную "Family trees"---------

Cтаринное итальянское "Фамильное древо"

Burrell/Pratt Family Record, circa 1836, pencil, watercolor, silica and casein on paper

Almira Edson, Niles/Nye Family Record, circa 1838, watercolor and ink on paper

В первой половине 19 века уже можно найти готовые типографские "фамильные списки:


Они становятся сложнее, постепенно появляются разные темы в оформлении- от гражданской до бытовой или романтической.

Заполненный лист.

-------------------Графические листы-----------------

------------------Фамильное Дерево------------

Genealogy. Lee family of Virginia and Maryland
Date Created/Published: c1886 Apr. 26.

Таких печатных листов выпускалось много, они были очень интересно оформлены, выложу их отдельным постом.


Картинка с диска о генеалогии, нашла на Ebay, вот бы посмотреть картинки.

А это венки из волос членов семьи, такими вещами увлекались в викторианскую эпоху, есть даже музей, где их представлено огромное количество:

Это было как бы своеобразное генеалогическое древо семьи, так и других коллективов- школы или церковной общины. Вершина венка не была соединена и оставалась открытой, чтобы символизировать восхождение ввысь.
Из волос покойника делали цветок и присоединяли его к венку.


French hair art and a wonderful companion piece to the 1851

Обычно волосы в центре венка принадлежали к самому последнему члену семьи покойника; они оставались, пока другой член семьи не умер, затем его волосы перемещали в сторону, чтобы освободить место для для волос недавно умершего.


Leila Cohoon’s Hair Museum in Independence, Missouri.
Его экспозиция состоит из 159 венков и более 2 тысяч украшений из волос, начиная с 17 века.

Весь пост:

Старинные украшения и композиции из волос-ТУТ


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2010-11-22 16:41 (ссылка)
Оставь сейчас людей без современных лекарств- так же будет.
Нам даже трудно представить, сколько умирало.
Поэтому так много мемориальных украшений- они отдельным постом у меня по тэгу выложены. Плюс вдовы и дети без кормильца оставались. Другая жизнь.

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