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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2010-11-28 20:15:00

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Рекламные, а также карнавальные костюмы. 1860-1910.

Первые рекламные, а также забавные карнавальные костюмы. 1860-1910.



Я не успеваю закончить пост про длинные волосы- нашлось слишком много фото. А эти фотографии встретились попутно, они тоже интересные и живые.

---------------Рекламные костюмы------------

Photographic Dress - Cabinet Card
This card by T.H. Lippiatt of Shamokin, Pa. is of two young women. The woman on the left has decorated her dress, hat, and fan with paper photographs while the woman on the right is dressed in a man's suit and derby.


Drugstore Advertisement – Cabinet Card
The young woman in this cabinet card is a walking advertisement for W.R. Smith & Company Drug Store. The banner mentions Drugs, Jewelry, Wall Paper, Window Shades, Etc. The items that decorate her costume include spoons, pocket watches, jewelry, and what might be vials of perfume.

Napa California, Girl wearing purses,napkin rings.,opera glasses,tennis racquet,bullets,powder horn,pencils,beads,telescope...antique cabinet photo from victorian age advertising (merchant carnival) a great example

Ball Advertising

Turn of century (postcard) Advertising Merchant carnival

"Anybody got a Donut" (advertising) antique cabinet photo from victorian age

(advertising) antique cabinet photo from victorian age

Girls with fireworks from U K...(Probably Advertising Cabinet )Antique photo from the victorian age London / Britian

Dressed up as the Daily Express

Congress of Beauty (advertising) antique cabinet photo from victorian age
a doll like woman holds a sign typical of
advertising cabs,aka merchant carnival.

photo Mt. Ayr Iowa spoons,clips,pen knife,clothes pins,hair curler,whistles,chains,carrots,raisins,crackers, peas,cookies,popcorn etc.


Advertising cabinet photo of the victorian age women displays photos from studio
Found image. This picture was taken at a studio in Lymington. On the back she has written 'Ernest said I looked like a scarecrow what they put in gardens to keep the birds of the seeds. Keep smiling.

"Mummy and Madame Laurent"
The words say, "Grand Ball of the Philharmonic Society of Hanoi". Hanoi was the capital of French Indochina from 1887 to 1954.

Dressing for the coronation in 1911

Candy Kitchen Girl, 1902

-----------------Карнавальные костюмы------
----------------fancy dress------------

Costumes Including Woman Dressed as Photography
This carte de visite of four people in costume includes a woman, second from the left, wearing a camera on her head and with photographs attached to her dress. An illustration from a 1866 Gody's Ladies' Book shows a woman with the same costume.

Woman dressed as a fairy

a flower fairy on a decorated bike but the unsubtle use of fabric wrapped round the bike gives an impression of a pantomime horse.

The sunflower fairy
Found image. Beautiful cabinet photograph of a girl dressed up in a sunflower costume in the 1890s.


fancy dress

A small pierrot group

A jolly pierrot in a garden


Lady in Japanese dress sitting on a bearskin


Woman in a patriotic sailor's costume


Another souvenir from London

just bought this vintage american studio postcard,around 1910.


Woman dressed as a carousel

A butterfly

Found image. This wonderful photograph was taken by Carbonora Co of Liverpool in February 1924.

Remarkable costume
He seems to be dressed as a fly or a wasp with a sting in his tail.

Cissie from the hareem

Unusual Fancy Dress 1916-early 1920s?
Под рекламу шин "Мichelline"


This postcard was photographed by Harry Jenkins of Great Yarmouth and posted in 1903 to Frederick Jenkins at 'Photo, High Street, Southwold'

Two Victorian 'tramps'

Two men black up for a minstrel show
Found image. Posted in Reepham, Norfolk in 1910.

With bow and arrow
For the background to these photographs see the introduction to the set 'A Family of Photographers'.

Еще арбуз:

Three Men Eating Watermelon Carte de Visite
The man on the left has what appears to be a mechanical pencil tucked behind his ear. Might it be a retoucher for the studio who was recruited to be part of some photographic fun?
The photographer is S.R. Miller of Dudley, Pennsylvania

Про арбуз и бананы- вчерашний пост-ТУТ

РЕТРОФОТО, все посты-ТУТ

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