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Пишет marinni ([info]marinni)
@ 2010-12-15 13:39:00

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Cтаринные детские колыбельки и кроватки.

Cтаринные детские колыбельки и кроватки.

Schall Jean Frédéric

Здесь кроватки из музеев, с аукционных сайтов, а также живопись.
Кроватки делали из дерева,плетеные- из лозы и других материалов, иногда- металла, украшали резьбой и росписью. Они были подвесные, по типу люльки, или на гнутых полозьях, по принципу кресел-качалок.


Model Stone Rocker from a Foundation Deposit for Hatshepsut's Temple
PeriodNew Kingdom
DynastyDynasty 18
ReignJoint reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III
Dateca. 1473–1458 B.C.

The Finding of Moses by Pharaoh's Daughter, 1904
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

-------------------Древний Рим-------------

Votive figure of a child lying in cradle, Roman, 200 BCE-200 CE
made from terracotta


Virgin and Child with Cradle, ca. 1350–1400
Made in Upper Rhineland, Germany

Sainte Vierge : Jésus-Christ : Vierge assise portant l'Enfant dans un berceau - Moyen-Age 1 - Metropolitan Museum of Art


La Nativité

-----------------Библейские cюжеты--------------

L'Adoration des bergers
La Tour Georges de

Le Repos pendant la fuite en Egypte
Restout Jean

The Holy Family, c.1645
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn

------------------Живопись- разные------------------

Portrait of the newborn Federigo di Urbino, 1605
Federico Fiori Barocci or Baroccio

Portrait of Cornelia Burch aged 2 Months, 1581
Dutch School

The Cradle
Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732 – 1806, French)

--------------Деревянные колыбельки----------------

Raphael & Giulio Romano: The Holy Family, or The Pearl (1518)

The Visit to the Farm
Pieter the Younger Brueghel

--------------Простые деревянные----------------------

Savoyard baby’s rocking cradle, Europe, 1701-1850
It rocked babies and infants to sleep. The name Savoyard suggests it was made in the Savoy area of France.

Rocking cradle, Europe, 1750-1850

This is an example of Pennsylvanian Dutch work, made by Protestant north Europeans who emigrated to Pennsylvania in the 17th and 18th centuries.

A Victorian Caned Hanging Cradle or Bassinet.
circa 1880

French Early 19th Century Cradle
c. 1800




The Holy Family

The Holy Family with St. Elizabeth and St. John the Baptist, c.1645-50
Francesco Albani


Cradle. Italy, 16th century. Carved walnut, gilding, polychromy;. (88.9 x 104.1 x 55.9 cm) - Philadelphia Museum of Art

The shape of this cradle is based on European models made from about 1640 to 1660.

the richly carved decoration is a mixture of Christian and Hindu subjects. Indian furniture makers on the Coromandel coast used this style of decoration on many of the pieces they made for European customers.


talian Grotto Cradle, Walnut mid 18th C.


The architect Richard Norman Shaw designed this cradle for the first son of a fellow architect, Alfred Waterhouse, in 1861. Both men were prominent architects of the Gothic Revival. The design of this cradle is in quite a severe and heavy Gothic style.


Кристофель Бисхоп(?) (потеряла картинку с правильной подписью)

Rocking cradle on stand, Italy, 1600-1750
Flowers, foliage and angels are richly illustrated on this rocking cradle. It dates from the 1600s and is thought to be of Italian origin. A motif, possibly the head of Christ, is on each side of the cradle while a human face is painted on each end of the stand near the foot. The whole cradle is richly embellished with gold.


Child’s rocking cradle, Europe, 1500-1650

. It was almost certainly created for a wealthy or important infant. The initials H. D. are presumably the child’s.

A biblical scene is painted on each of the four faces. One shows Saul expelling David. The others are possibly scenes from King David’s reign.


19th Century Dutch painted Cradle
Circa 1830
Charming Dutch Painted Cradle with bucolic pastoral scenes
painted on either side.


NICOLAS-RENE JOLLAIN (PARIS 1732-1804) Paul et Virginie au berceau

Gerard Anne Edwards In His Cradle


La Nourrice
Vervloet Johannes

The Sick Child
Jean Augustin Franquelin

The Newborn Child
Theodore Gerard


Pilgrim relics is the Peregrine White Cradle, which is part of the collection of Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts.




Rare Victorian Stick & Ball Painted Rattan Crib with Corona
Rare and unusual painted rattan stick and ball Victorian baby crib/small child's bed.




wicker bassinet


Motherhood, 1805
Marguerite Gerard

Jeune mère regardant son enfant endormi ou la bonne mère
Hersent Louis

-----------"Лодки"и "ладьи"-----------
-------------‘Bateau’-or boat-shaped-----------
Колыбельки и кроватки следовали моде "взрослых" кроватей таких форм:

. 1810 (made)
‘Bateau’, or boat-shaped, cradles of this type are characteristically French, they were usually of plain mahogany. What seems most likely is that the cradle was made in France, certainly to a French design, and the ormolu decoration - gilt brass or bronze metalwork.

A Mahogany Empire drop-side baby bed, circa 185...

----------------------19 век-------

Reading the Letter
Marguerite Gerard

In the Reign of Terror, 1891
Jessie MacGregor

Young mother from Arles
Henri Bouchet-Doumeng

Young mother from Arles
Angel Andrade Blazguez

Sweet Dreams, 1892
Edwin Harris

---------------Колыбельки-19 век------------



Rosewood Victorian baby cradle.

A late 18th. mahogany cradle

Victorian Mahogany Cradle

Early 19th century dolls cradle


Samoyed woman in summer clothing with her baby and a cradle, late eighteenth century
German School

Jean-Baptiste Le Prince : Le berceau russe - Peinture européenne 1700-1800 - J. Paul Getty Museum

Карл Брюллов

Охота на тетерева. Часть росписи колыбели. Пермогорье. 1867 год.


Brass bassinet or cradle
Late 19th Century
Brass hanging cradle or bassinet.




Очень редкая вышитая колыбелька
OUTSTANDING, RARE AND UNUSUAL QUILL WORK WOODLAND'S INDIAN HOODED DOLL CRADLE. An important piece of Indian folk art. Written in quills "From Aunt Emma to Little Sam" on one side and the other side says " From Aunt Emma to the Baby"


Mother and Baby, 1869
Fritz Paulsen

Колыбельки украшали оборками и кружевом, иногда они были целиком задрапированы.
Часто делался роскошный кружевной полог.
Приемов украшения и вышитого белья было столько, что для них нужен отдельный пост.

Antique wicker cradle

Кукольная колыбелька

-----------------На колесиках---------



Из морских мин!

Steampunk Worthy Furniture Made From Naval Mines






Limited Edition Fornasetti Cradle

Очень понравился:

Складной пеленальный столик

Сюда уже не вошли ампирные кроватки и колыбельки, старинные кроватки для более взрослого возраста,
современные "под старину" и в стиле "принцесса", они будут позже, во второй части.

-----------Еще по теме:----------------

Старинные детские коляски.18-20 век-ТУТ

Старинные детские повозки и коляски-ТУТ

Старинные сани и саночки.17-19 век-ТУТ



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2010-12-16 11:52 (ссылка)
Таких много было, выложу еще в креслах-качалках.

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