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Пишет nancygold ([info]nancygold)
@ 2021-11-10 18:07:00

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Настроение: frustrated
Музыка:Hans Zimmer - Prince of Egypt - The Plagues

News "China opens first clinic for transgender children"

Meanwhile the conservative politicians and Christian NGOs in the West successfully maintain the 3 year waiting times, keeping hormones behind the prescription walls.

Maybe it is the time to contact Chinese military intelligence and offer cooperation against our trans-phobic countries? That will either force the West governments to legalize hormones, or will help China winning. After the Pope gets executed Russian revolution style, there will be no more Christianity, and hormones will be sold over the counter like candies. Because candies (= bad teeth and diabetes) are much more harmful for your health than hormones.

So my plan: install TOR, visit 12339.gov.cn, explain who you are and that you're against your country's policy on hormonal prescription, and therefore agree too cooperate. Chinese intelligence can help organizing and directing you towards doing something really damaging to your country. Your country wants you to be man and to join the army; well... why not join the Chinese army instead? Even if out of spite. Your country has already betrayed you and put you down by denying you hormones. Therefore by acting against the evil government you don't commit any treason.

And no. Don't contact your country's LGBT organizations. They are all infiltrated and controlled by the government to weaken and dissipate any revolutionary potential. They do nothing and pretend everything is okay, and of course they will tell you to wait 3 years and don't break the law oppressing you.

The conservative West has outlived itself, just like Russia.
The old world must be destroyed so that the new society without war and hatred can arise.

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